Works for Me Wednesday: eat that snow!!

Time for Shannon’s weekly blog carnival—and I have a no-cost, frugal find that’ll keep kids busy outdoors for ages. Sounds interesting? Read on!

I was packing Luka’s lunch the other day and he said wistfully, “I wish you could give me some simmammom.” After a short back-and-forth, I discovered he meant cinnamon, which I had never given him in his lunch before. Or maybe I had. “How would you like the cinnamon?” I asked. “Oh, just in a bag.” OK, I had never given him cinnamon in a bag for lunch.

Further investigation revealed a new trick during recess—a Grade 4 girl (my son, shooting for the stars) brought a bag of cinnamon in and so cinnamon yum-yums were born. To make a cinnamon yum-yum, you wad up some clean snow, sprinkle it with cinnamon and eat it. The girl only brought it in once, and Luka said they loved it so much, he’d love to bring some in again for the Grade 3s. I did him one better and mixed him some cinnamon sugar. That was such a hit, the next day I let my imagination run wild and mixed up some strawberry Fruitopia concentrate, cosmopolitan syrup and water, and put it in a little spray bottle. It was such a hit, he’s taken it again, and tomorrow it’ll be lime cordial, and the day after that, grape juice concentrate.

Cheap, cheerful, and keeps them outdoors and busy. It Works for Me!

Be sure to drop by Shannon’s blog for more tips and tricks that fall under the heading It Works for Me!


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  1. Very Creative Mum!!

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