Weekend revelation: shopping list 101

Just a quick note off the top, following on what I wrote yesterday. On my listserve for parents of cancer kids, a parent posted an article that really resonated with me. It isn’t specific to parents of kids with cancer, but parents whose kids have struggled with any near-death illness or accident: the article isn’t long, but it will increase your depth of understanding when fellow parents have a child in a serious situation. It ran in The New York Times.


Mark Thomas, web man behind http://www.sorabji.com, found this shopping list under a bridge in Queens. You can see more of what he finds at http://sorabji.com/foundcrap/

And now to the find of the weekend: In the neverending quest to get 8-year-old Luka printing-, writing and spelling-fit, every Saturday morning begins with him starting a shopping list. Usually it’s me dictating, him printing, with me reminding him to get back at the list every 10 minutes or so, or whenever I notice the list abandoned on the kitchen table. This is every time I glance in that direction.

When I was attempting to bring our fish tank back to life this weekend, I found a Luka-made list behind the tank. This is it, spelling intact:

marshemello mushrooms

kiddy littr



froz chips

blubarry and chocolate

aleein oooz

reel milk

hot chocolate

My observations:

  • Thank God for spellcheck
  • My child knows how to spell “chocolate” just fine, thank you
  • Since cole and aleein oooz are not my dictations, I put this list at a week before Christmas, which would be just about right, looking at the algae on the inside of the fish tank.
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3 Responses

  1. Forget about the problems with spelling. It’s the fact you need litter for the kids that has me scared! hee hee!

  2. What are aleein oooz and cole ??
    I enjoyed the old pictures – I have many in my own albums that are similar 🙂

  3. Angela, you crack me up!

    Mummmmy, those two items are what allowed me to date the list—aleein oooz is alien ooze, some goopy thing that an alien toy requires, and cole is coal, what naughty children get at Christmas. I can only imagine that Luka was ticked off at Graydon for something, and was putting it on the list to get some for him!

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