A sign of the times (from the mouths of babes)

Back in a former life we ate out, a lot. I dined out professionally, and when I wasn’t paid to eat out, I happily paid my way myself. When Tessa and Graydon were in their formative years, they ate in restaurants—with menus, waiters, bread plates, dessert forks and Shirley Temples—a lot. Then things changed, and I got smarter about money, among other things, and the rampant dining out screeched to a halt. The number of times the kids and I dine out in a real restaurant—not including the self-serve Wendy’s, MacDonald’s, Burger King fast food type—is directly proportional to the number of times we have a birthday or someone treats us.

Luka’s lack of exposure to proper restaurants hit home Saturday night when I took both boys out for NO GOOD REASON, just because we hadn’t been out in a long time, and truth be told, I was feeling a little sorry for myself and I was so sick of cooking and cleaning that the expense seemed justifiable.

We are sitting happily at our table in a restaurant that does not have blaring music or have kids jump on their chairs for birthday songs, when the waiter brought our drinks. Luka ordered a Sprite, and after a couple of minutes, Luka began to look around.

“Where did he go?” he asked.
“Who?” I asked.
“My servant,” he said.
“Your what?”
“My servant. He was right here, and now he’s gone. I’d like some lemon slices for my drink.”
I smiled, just a little.
“Honey, that is our waiter.”
“No, when he came over he said, ‘Hello, my name is Steven, and I’ll be your servant tonight.’ ”
“He said, I’ll be your server tonight, not servant”
Luka frowned. “That’s a weird thing to call yourself. Like you serve things.” He brightened up. “Hey, a server. That’s cool. But a servant is cooler.”


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  2. Another winner. That’s funny – my servant !!
    You keep us laughing – thank you !!

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