Things I Love Thursday: pineapple upside down cake that I don’t have to make! plus a contest!

tilt.jpgOver at The Diaper Diaries, it’s time for Jill’s weekly “Things I Love Thursday” blog carnival. This week I am sharing a delicious dessert that is so retro not only will you want to serve it again and again, you’ll want to make Spam appetizers, a sputnik cheese ball and maybe those Swedish meatballs in a fancy sauce that we didn’t know until later was melted grape jelly and ketchup!

Yes, I’m woman enough to admit that I bought this President’s Choice Pineapple Upside Down Cakes dessert by its cover—who could resist that happy homemaker, in the upper-left corner, with her teeny waist and coifed hair and “there’s-a-martini-on-the-sideboard-for-you-dear” air of confidence about her?!?

If I serve these pineapple upside down cakes to my family, I too could pop right onto that box!

So $6.99 later, there we were, lined up in front of the microwave, elbowing and guilting for position—”I was at school longer than you!” “Yeah, well I carried the groceries in!” “Mum should go first, she works hardest!” That’s what I said. These little cakes are delish—sponge cake, the pineapple slice, sweet caramel sauce (not enough, mind you, but for me there never is). Each cake (you get four in the box) has 16 g of fat, takes 55 seconds in the microwave and can be eaten in one to five minutes, depending on your willpower. And, get this, they’re a product of Canada!

Now, you have three things to do:
1) leave me a hello below
2) pop over to The Diaper Diaries and see what other things make the Things I Love list
3) click over to enter my contest. Want to win three Consonant Body Organic Skincare products from the Pure collection? They are perfect for babies, children, pregnant women and anyone with sensitive skin or a sensitive nose, because these products have no added colours or scents, organic or otherwise.

The giveaway consists of a full-size Pure Unscented Body Wash, Pure Unscented Body Lotion and the Organic Olive Oil Pure Unscented Soap. All you need to do is answer one of my questions in this post (or more, if you’d like), so click and enter my contest!


3 Responses

  1. I LOVED my Mom’s pineapple upsidedown cake when I was a kid…particularly because my siblings couldn’t stand pineapple!! Must try to see if it brings back fond memories. Thanks.

  2. I love baking, and I made this once. Only once. It was so good I ate the whole thing before my husband came home. He never knew.

  3. I can’t stand pineapple. MAybe I’m related to Angela 🙂

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