Monday Rant #4: step on up and join the raving!

Taberon Kaiju, Tokidoki Version, is Italian designer Simone Legno’s contribution to the Kaiju For Grown Ups project. My oldest son, Graydon, is fascinated by these. I’ve chosen this one as my rant visual.

The weekend is over and it’s time to detoxify for the week ahead! I’ve toyed with the idea of opening up my Monday Rant for other bloggers to link to, and readers to depend on as a regular Monday feature, so I’ll try it for a couple of weeks and see if you like it! My rants this week are:

1. People who park in designated handicapped parking when they have no ID on their car and seem able to move pretty quickly in and out of the liquor store with a case of wine are ALWAYS on my rant list. Add in:

2. People in the winter, when the snow covers up the painted markings on the handicapped parking spots, who know dang well the spot closest to the door, the one all of us other cold, desperate drivers went past because we HAVE a conscience, who take that spot. Like they don’t know it’s for the handicapped. Snort!

3. Mega retailers who slide stuff through the cash register without telling you. Last week, the big monthly Walmart/Zellers/No Frills shopping day. We are purchasing a  little web-cam thing so Tessa can Skype with her new boyfriend (more on that another day), when I look at the screen and see “2 YR PLN $8.87.” Whoa! I am not buying a phone—$8.87  for two years, ha!—and I say wait a sec, what is that? The woman actually gives me a roll of the eyes and walks away, returning half a minute later with another employee who shows her how to delete it. I ask, what it is, and I’m told it’s a warranty; shouldn’t I be asked if I want to purchase a warranty? I question. They both nod. OK then. Training must be coming up any day now.

4. Paying $60 for a pair of jeans with a rip in the left leg, then being told when the pants develop a tear of their own on the right leg that they are wrecked. It’s a fashion thing I think I understand, but i refuse to accept.

5. People who walk into a waiting room, see the nicely written and displayed sign that says: PLEASE REMOVE ALL WINTER BOOTS AND SHOES, then proceed into the studio wearing their dirty, slushy, salty, muddy, wet and dripping boots. The dancers, and their mums and a few dads took off their boots, so they have sock feet, and most of the dancers have bare feet or worse, toe-thonged feet, and a puddle or wet spot on the floor could put a fast end to a fabulous dance season. Two nights ago I stood directly in front of two teenage boys, wearing their boots on the carpet, creating icy cold soppy pools around them, and said, “You know, that sign at the front that says to take off your boots means everybody, not just the dancers and parents. You’re making big puddles there that the dancers will step in with their bare feet.” They looked at me as if I were speaking Venusian. “You could go take them off.” One looked at his boots, the other kept looking at me. “Maybe you could take them off next time?” They both looked at me. So I said, “Thanks. Nice talking with you boys.” They didn’t even exchange glances after I walked away. I’m making a bigger sign for next week.

That’s it for my rants. Now, what about yours? Feel free to add what bugs you. You’ll feel better after you do!

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3 Responses

  1. Those are all good.

    1. The guy who parked in the loading area at the local grocery store–designed for people to pull up to and pick up groceries quickly. My daughter was standing there with the cart while I went to get the car. When I mentioned to him that he had just parked in a loading area and pointed to my daughter who was waiting next to his van, he just shrugged. My desire was to leave my empty grocery cart parked at the back of his van, but grace prevailed!

    2. Fully capable people who neglect to shovel their sidewalks even though they know young people and the elderly have to use them daily.

    3. The neighbour with five cars in his driveway — three up on blocks for 4 years — who thus has no room for snow at the sides of his driveway, so drags it all all the sand and salt put down by the city across the road and dumps it on my lawn…well its no longer a lawn, but rather the spot where nothing will grow because too much salt gets dumped there.

  2. 4. Me for ranting about people who may have perfectly good reasons for doing what they’re doing and just APPEAR rude to me.

  3. I hate seeing people who are not handicapped parking in the handicapped zone at the ski hill here in Kimberley! Yet, the parking place not 200 feet away was nearly empty! One handicapped skier protested by parking behind all the ‘able-bodied’ skiers, so they couldn’t get out;). Yeah! Good on him:) I also hate seeing people push their way to the front of the line anywhere(unless an emergency, of course)! The Canadian way is to pass the time waiting by talking to those closest in line and wait one’s turn politiely!

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