Getting Organized 2009, Part 1: a funny top 10 list

Did you know that National Association of Professional Organizers have declared National Get Organized Month in the States all January long? Does this mean in Canada we squeak by with no outside pressure to clutter-bust our homes, offices, cars, cottages, garages, boats, garden sheds, quiet cubbies in the kids’ snow fort at the far end of the yard?

No. And if you have kids, you have clutter. Even if you have one of the 100 kids issued since 1989 who had the cleaning chip implanted, you still have clutter.

Looking for tips and hints and a service that will clean my house for free (I am still looking), I found this list on the Organization Place Blog: Put all your ducks in a row… It really struck a chord with me, and I found it very inspiring:


10. Eventually my kids will get sick of living in a pig sty, and clean it up themselves.

9. Getting organized requires time… this I do not have.

8. Being disorganized is just part of my personality, deal with it.

7. Having a cluttered home is more fun. Looking for lost (or un-lost) items turns into a cool “treasure hunt” game, which gives a daily sense of accomplishment every time I find something.

6. Just one more TV show…

5. I’m not disorganized, I just have my own special filing system and a memory like an elephant.

4. It will be MUCH easier to organize my life next year when I have more time.

3. My parents were bad examples, it’s their fault I’m disorganized. I can’t do anything about it.

2. I have children. What’s done today will be undone tonight.

1. If I really wanted to get organized I never would have become unorganized. I am thus surrendering myself to my subconscious with the hopes that it knows what it is doing… I could really go for a tofu burger right now.

So. I’m going to meditate on those excuses for a while, see which ones work for me, and I’ll get back on the subject soon. Relatively speaking! Home Depot says I can achieve this in the month of January—they are so obviously in cahoots with NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers).

QUESTIONS FOR YOU: does your pantry look like this? Do you have a pantry? How long would that fruit last in drawers like that?

My next giveaway starts January 15, and the prize is a gift pack of full-size Consonant Body Organic skincare items. Better come back now, y’all hear?


2 Responses

  1. First off thank you for that. Laughter is good for you and a big ole` belly laugh is best! When I read #10 I really had a good ol`belly laugh and continued to laugh all the way through. I am a packrat I admit it readily and honestly with no problems. #5 ~ I Know where I put things and if it’s in “MY” mess then I can find it without your help thank you very much! (my poor hubby has heard that for over 30 years now so why he is amazed every single time I pull out whatever it was I was “looking for” I can’t understand. ~ he always says how’d you find that? in that mess???)

    As for the pantry … no we don’t have one and even if we did fruit wouldn’t last in a set up like in the picture. In our home things either get eaten very quickly & we’d wonder where’d it all go (mind you it is just the 2 of us now so most likely I’m the one eating it all) or it would sit so long it would get rotten & we’d have to throw it out.
    There’s the awful truth of it though.

  2. I will be 70 on the 27th of January and my room is so unorganized I am ashamed for anybosy to see it,but with Fibromylagia,I am some4times tird when I do not plan to be and so I take everything off the bed ,put it on the floor and then it starts all over again the next day,only this time it is even more disorganized and it goes on amd on.All I need is about6 hours without interruptions and my mess will be cleaned up and nice again. Thanks

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