Works for Me Wednesday: Dear Diary, I’m the perfect present

When I was a girl (oh yes, when Bugs Bunny was invented, says Luka) there were standard gifts from certain relatives and friends. There was always fudge and handknit mitts from one grandmother, and writing paper and some bath salts and talcum powder from the other grandmother (oh my, I do sound as if I’m 103 years old!). But the one present I loved the most, and always received, was a locking diary. The promise of private thoughts and a lock and key were like gold with three younger siblings in the house. My favourite ones had the gilt-edged pages and an embossed cover, with faint blue-lined pages. How I loved listening to the crackle of the spine when I opened it up and separated those pages! I spent hours and hours holed up in my room over the years, listing reasons why I should not have a brother, how much I deserved a room of my own, which boy I liked the most and why, minute details on what happened in classes, dances, the school bus.

The lure of journaling is timeless—what else is blogging and Facebook and Twitter?—and to my mind, that makes a diary the perfect gift. Tessa has run me ragged for years with her consumption rate of diaries—at her most prodigious, it was one every month.

How fortunate then that my talented youngest sister makes the coolest journals, and has an Etsy shop. She gave me a journal for my birthday and I love it. Tessa got to go through Juli’s collection of old books and pick out the one that she liked for the cover of her custom-made Christmas gift. I buy diaries for presents as soon as the recipients are old enough to print. Even Michelangelo had to start sometime! A diary for the perfect gift solution Works for Me!

QUESTIONS FOR YOU: did you keep a diary when you were younger? Do you journal now? Where did you hide your diaries? Do you still have them? Would you let YOUR kids read portions of your diary now?

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7 Responses

  1. Very Cool!

  2. I remember getting my diary for Christmas and it had a cool little lock and key! That was the best part! I didn’t write in it much!

  3. I have always been a journal-er! I loved writing all my secrets and prayers out. Still do.
    Maybe that’s why I love blogging so much. It’s in my blood.

    Love the cute books. Awesome!

  4. Did you keep a diary when you were younger?
    Yes – my first one was Hello Kitty. How cool was I?

    Do you journal now? Yes

    Where did you hide your diaries?
    I don’t remember hiding them. Though I had 3 brothers I never felt the need to hide them.

    Do you still have them?
    I have my high school/college diaries.

    Would you let YOUR kids read portions of your diary now?
    I think that when my dd experience a problem that I did at her age I would let her read specific entries. I think that reading my diary with my words from then would be more powerful than just telling her that “I’ve been there”

  5. Wow, that takes me back. I always had a diary. I particularly liked the “five year diaries”, where I started out printing/writing as small as I possible could as to actually stay in the allotted space for that year. By the middle of February I was using the entire page and filling up space from a missed day. Now I have traded my diary for a filofax (A5) and the content is much less exciting. But there is still something about using a pen and recording those little bits of info that make that day just slightly different from every other.
    And yes, I still have all those diaries – the blue plastic with gold lettering, the Holly Hobbie, and the covers I collaged myself. Yes, my daughter and I read some pages from the earlier diaries and had a good chuckle.

  6. I just started a diary with my 9yo daughter. She is very reserved and shy, and was having a hard time telling me in words about her feelings. I desperately want her to come to me with any issue that she has. So, we started a daughter diary. When she has something that she wants to talk to me about, but doesn’t feel comfortable or is worried that I will get mad, she writes it down and tucks it under my pillow. I’ll write her back and so forth. She has been able to tell me about a bully at school, how she feels she doesn’t get enough attention, and talks about her dreams when she’s bigger. Then, after we’ve written it down, she feels more comfortable to talk with me about it. I hope to continue it until she is older.

  7. I had a diary when I was a teenager, got out of the habit when I was a little older, but recorded things on an irregular basis through the years. I’ve kept a journal pretty regularly for the last 5 years or so. I find that it’s cheaper than therapy, and allows me to vent in a safe environment, although I’m a little more tactful as to what I say about family members as they may read it someday! I’ve kept pretty well all my journals except for the teen years.

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