Getting over Christmas

Yes, I have already whipped past the Christmas devastation of this year. While my petty junk is laughable in comparison to the massacre in California that killed nine family members and the murderer, they were my trials all the same:

• a fully decorated Christmas tree knocked down in its prime (our tree adventures have nothing on those of Carla and Mark’s, at Tree Decorating 101, which I recommend for a visit—it’s a hoot if you love cats and little dogs)

• the fact that our cleverly trained-to-pee-on-a-puppy-pee-pad puppy thought all this Christmas wrap was a pee-pad extravaganza (you can fill in the rest)

• a flood in the basement. A punctured tennis ball plugged the laundry sink for a load that Tessa put in Christmas evening. When I ran down Boxing Day morning to flip it into the dryer, the dirty clothing at the foot of Mount Washmore seemed very cold under my slippered feet, and it took no time at all to realize it was also sopping wet. The tub had overflowed, cascading down one side of Mount W, and then pooling under it on its way to the drain, obscured, of course, by tons of laundry. Four loads later, my sister called and said throw it all in bags and bring it here. We’ll do it over the visit! OK! I took eight bags of soggy laundry out of the house, into the back of the car, where they remained until we returned home three days later. Frozen solid. What was I thinking? I wanted to do laundry at Christmas while visiting my family?

• not visiting with my three best friends within 3,000 miles, because I was so busy doing what now seems like nothing.

This morning, January 5, 2009, dawned with a half-chewed mini-rawhide bone under my pillow, Christmas wrap, ribbon and boxes on the kitchen table, panatone bread and Rice Krispies for breakfast and one misplaced/lost Grade 3 binder.


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One Response

  1. I guess Christmas is not a time for thinking about laundry !! How did you ever deal with all those frozen solid bags. OUCH !!!
    Loved your description of the puppy pee pad…….

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