Works for Me Wednesday: my 8 year old reading and writing on his own!

Like many boys (I hope, or at least other parents and teachers say it’s true) Luka hasn’t been bitten by the reading bug yet. It took Graydon a long time too, but he had extenuating circumstances. Luka claims to have a “reading disability” that makes him unable to read, but when you consider he has a self-professed “math disability,” “kitchen-cleaning disability,” “Lego-putting-away disability” and “teeth-brushing disability,” you get the picture.

My little dude is reading-bug resistant, to the point I think he must have some special spray or lotion he puts on every day.

I have outlined before my various attempts to get him to read and write: letters to friends who have moved away, grocery lists, street signs, cereal boxes, incentive prizes for reading a certain number of books. Some work, some don’t. The $10 Neopets and Pokemon stuffies worked, as did $15 Webkinz, but it was turning out to be more expensive than private school. And still, he didn’t read or print or write because he wanted to.

Until Tessa gave him this book for Christmas:

The book that has taken Luka from "I hate reading and writing!" to filling in these pages in the back seat of the car by the lights in the Zellers' parking lot.

The book that has taken Luka from "Ihate reading and writing!" to staying in the car, filling in the pages under the lights in the Zellers parking lot

"rarrararararararar," demands Hypnotoad.

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book has Luka hypnotized much like Hypnotoadon Futurama—if the DIY book is in front of him, it’s like he is compelled to open it, read it and search for places to put his pencil or pen and get writing. It is astounding. The book is written by Jeff Kinney, author of the three and counting books in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

Thank you Tessa. Your pick Works for Me!

Be sure to drop by Shannon’s blog for more tips and tricks of all kinds!


3 Responses

  1. Love that Luka is interested in reading & writing ~ excellent choice Tessa! Jacquelyn I missed you but figured you must have been very busy & couldn’t attend to the blog.
    I don’t have an anniversary for my kids or my siblings but my father’s passing has stayed with me for the past 11 years so far. I just seem to wake up in a melancoly mood or a funk for the day. Just have your mood or funk but remember that he is doing just fine for now and allow your emotions their time ~ they have to be dealt with honestly and this yr especially with Luka’s age and all I don’t know how you could have handled it any differently. You are doing the best you know how to do & that is all anyone could expect or hope for!

  2. Jacquie: I love the way you describe all Luka’s disabilities – you can put humor into anything. However, I’m so glad to hear that Luka has caught the bug with the new book from Tessa. Good work Tessa!!
    Dec 17 must be a very difficult day. I knew it all happened when Luka was a small baby and near Christmas but it must always be a wierd day for you. Hope your Christmas was Merry and I wish you and yours a Successful, Healthy and Happy 2009.

  3. LOVED that book!!!! Make sure you have lots of blank notebooks (thank gawd dollar stores) around because now he’ll start writing his own books. When he was here he did ask if K had read the book – a first from Luka and K embraced it!

    Celebrating is good I guess; you know me, we don’t celebrate the beginning at all, just the hurdles since. I think there should be a universal day to celebrate all families who function. Not Mothers, Fathers, a whatever day, just a day to acknowledge all the crap with which we put up with on a daily basis. It should be a national caregiver day but then – oops, who would take care of them while we celebrate? A national caregiver by birthright day…
    How about just a big day where everyone is accepted everywhere and no one has to explain why their 12-year-old is jumping up and down in the toothpaste aisle… I would really, really, like that day to come.

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