Excuses, excuses…

Interesting how our excuses change as we age.

  • He hit me first.
  • She knocked that over.
  • He ate the cookies.
  • I peed my pants.
  • The dog peed on my pants.
  • The dog ate my homework.
  • I left my backpack in the back of the coach’s car.
  • My stick broke but my dad worked late and I couldn’t get a new one.
  • My mum forgot to wash my tights.
  • Dad was too tired to help me on my project.
  • I wrote it down in a list but then I lost it.
  • My curling iron broke, so no way could I go.
  • My boyfriend fell asleep and I couldn’t wake him up.
  • My best friend was sick and I had to stay and help her.
  • The car wouldn’t start.
  • The car ran out of gas.
  • The car has been stolen.
  • Christmas is a weird time with to much stuff to do, too many emotions and too much to think about.

Yes! That’s it! That’s my excuse for the absence of Because I Said So! for the last two weeks. Did you miss me? Don’t you hate when people ask you that? “Well, yes, of course I missed you. Were you really away?”

So it’s time for me to play catch-up! Wish me luck!


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