Internet danger: Why you should never order Christmas presents online late at night

OK, I have held off ordering things off the internet for years now, worried about security and identity theft and ether-thieves getting into my bank account (what they would do there puzzles me, but that’s not the point). But lack of time, Christmas-crowd-piped-in-
carols-aphobia and sheer laziness have led me to where I am today—more than half my holiday shopping conducted over the computer.

I got a box just yesterday, though, that makes me question whether I should have a V-chip/timer-lockdown device on the home computer. I remember the night, it was a Tuesday, I was ripping around the internet being very clever and funny picking, designing and ordering gifts. It was very, very late (A&E was switching over to their “A&E Classroom Presents…” show). I was not drinking. Yet what came out of that box yesterday has Merlot written all over it:

  • a custom-printed T-shirt for my teeny niece in small—adult small. She will fit into it in maybe 12 years
  • very classy and clever business postcards for my brother-in-law, which include the words “msrket,” “plsyer,” “snd” and “Svenue”
  • stickie notes for my brother that say “A important note from …”

A small part of me (very small) thinks it would still be funny to give these gifts, mostly because I often think I am invincible, and my sibs would welcome the chance to laugh at with me on Boxing Day. I know it’s important to laugh at oneself, but how much company do I really need?


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See you tomorrow for Works for Me Wednesday


One Response

  1. Yeah give them. The a and s mix up is a universal thing and the entertainment value on the story would be well worth it.

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