What Mummy wants for Christmas #1

Luka came screeching into the kitchen yesterday—

“Mummy, Mummy!! The thing you need for Christmas is on TV RIGHT NOW!”

He’d been trying for days to remember what it was that he saw in an ad that I HAVE to have for Christmas, so I dropped the pot I was washing and ran to the living room.

The ad showed a family Christmas morning, the dad trying out a new drill, a kid playing a guitar and a woman in a robe smiling as if she were in a different world.

“Look, look, this is it!”

The kid says something to mom, and she looks up in recognition, then removes an earbud, or little earphone thingy, the sound level blares, she smiles at her noisy child and replaces the earbud, settling back into the couch and smiling again as the noise level drops.

“That’s it mum, that’s what I’m going to get you. So you can have some peace and quiet.”

Too funny. When I was a kid, we used to pester my dad all the time with questions about what he wanted for Christmas, Father’s Day, his birthday, and the answer was always the same: “Just some peace and quiet.” My mother never said that.

It must be a guy thing.


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