Works for Me Wednesday: Cosmic Catnip Extract Pump Spray

This is such an easy works-for-me posting that I feel somewhat guilty. guilty because it is no clever trick of mine, or hard-won wisdom. It was as easy as spending 25 per cent of my time in the pet aisles at the local MegloMart that gave me this brilliant tip.

Our big baby cat Angel, 10 years old and getting pretty tired of being followed around by an eager five-month-old puppy, loves catnip. I don’t like catnip all over the carpet. It looks like another green leafy substance I don’t want to be taking heart attacks over thinking it’s all over my floor. While in the pet aisle one day. Luka spied, and I paid for, Cosmic Catnip Extract in a pump sprayer. It claims to be 100 per cent pure catnip extract. We sprayed it on one of her favourite munched-up socks, and success! She hugged it, rolled on it, slobbered all over it, carried it to her food dish, introduced it to the gunk there, then carried it away to the top of a dresser. She was one happy kitty. Now I guess I need to check if this is on any adventurous teenager’s must-try list. I wonder if it’ll make them chew socks??

Be sure to drop by Shannon’s blog for more tips and tricks of all kinds!


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