Things I Love Thursday: Better Life coffee

tilt.jpgI find it totally interesting that over at The Diaper Diaries, host of this weekly “Things I Love Thursday” blog carnival, Jill is talking about Dove and the company’s forays into making girls feel good about themselves. Self-actualization was the last thing on my mind when I was given two packs of Better Life coffee. I thought, Excellent! Coffee! I didn’t think what is the impact of this product on a homeless man on the streets of Vancouver this winter?

I ground, I brewed, I drank. The espresso, pictured here in the package, did have hints of caramel and chocolate, just as promised. It’s a traditional Italian-roast style (which is especially nice, since I am embarking on a personal exploration of things Italian), and organic, which assuages all kinds of Tim Hortons coffee guilt. The other coffee I tried, Ethiopian organic, was exactly how I love my coffee, soft and strong, intensely flavoured, but mellow. Success on both fronts. My next step was to check out the price, availability and the company. Price: totally competitive at $12.99 for 340 g; availabilty: online store, super easy, all over the western half of Canada now, and approaching the east; the company: WOW!

A philanthropic model for emerging companies or what? Better Life is coffee and chocolate now, all organic, with a fixed portion (5 to 10 per cent) of the price of all products going to the Give a Better Life Foundation. The Foundation has three projects on the go now: constructing a clean water system in a village of 850 people in Bulate, Ethiopia; winter shelter for the homeless in Vancouver; safe shelter for women and children rescued from human trafficking for the sex trade, not halfway around the world, but here in Vancouver. Great projects, reasonable costs, accountability. Right now, you can view videos and vote on the charity you would like the Give a Better Life Foundation to support. And the board of the foundation reviews all suggestions from customers as to projects and charities that might offer a good fit. A small Canadian company with superior products and a human plan. That’s more than one Thing I Love this Thursday!

Four things for you to do:

1) say hi to me in the comment/response box below

2) check out The Diaper Diaries for more Things I Love Thursday posts

3) click here to enter my little contest and win a copy of Desmond Morris’s new book Amazing Baby (Firefly books, $40, hardcover). Contest closes Sunday, Dec. 7, so don’t delay!

4) Check out Better Life, spend some time on the site and read. Take my word for it, the coffee is delicious, and once you read about their mission, head to the online store. Coffees and chocolate, $2.99, 60 per cent Belgian dark infused with orange…


4 Responses

  1. I don’t drink coffee, but I love their mission. Gotta love companies giving back!!

  2. I live for coffee. I have a few friends living in Vancouver and I have sent them your column with the link. In fact one of them is coming for a visit over Christmas and I have hinted that a bag of coffee would be really nice, and keep her luggage smelling fabulous.

  3. I recently tried their coffee and it is fantastic! I also love their mission so I feel good about purchasing their brand! I have yet to try the chocolate, but I imagine it’s also quite good!

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