Works for Me Wednesday: saying goodbye to too-small clothes

I’ve called my kids’ inability to get rid of stuff a number of things, but mostly it’s good old-fashioned packratism. It is a neverending exercise. One of the things they find most difficult to ditch are clothes. “I love this shirt. I don’t want to give it away. I’ll forget all the good stuff I did in this shirt. I can save it for my kids!”

Banish that thought, kiddo, no grandkids here for a while!

Here’s what works for us: taking photos. Once a piece of clothing goes through the laundry a couple of times and I can’t remember seeing someone actually wear it, it goes into the Too-small Drawer in Luka’s dresser. When there are a few pieces there, I take them out and we have a little photo session. Then we print the photos and put them in the album. It’s a real memory-maker and conversation starter. Here’s Luka’s latest contribution:

"It still fits, look!"

"It still fits, trust me."

"OK! It doesn't fit!"

"OK, OK, it's a little small!"

There you go—it works for me!

Have a look at Shannon’s blog for plenty more tips and tricks for parents!

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3 Responses

  1. An idea for favourite old clothes….make a easy, square design quilt from the fabrics. Years of remembering old baby clothes, sports uniforms, school t-shirts, fad fabrics, logos, cartoon characters, etc.

  2. I think a good way to get rid of clothes and toys is to tell your child that there are children who don’t have anything to wear or any toys and they could make those children happy by giving their things to them. Various organizations like the Salvation Army and other people who help the needy would be a start.

  3. Brilliant idea. They do like to hang on to things forever, don’t they?

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