Works for Me Wednesday: lunch for breakfast

It takes a long time for brilliance to strike sometimes. Like, after raising two kids to high school age, and working on the third child in Grade 3, and BAM! There I was in the kitchen cooking up KD for his school lunch when I burnt the toast and dropped the grapes on the floor. Then, no warm butter. Aragh! I called out and said, “Luka, I am so sorry, but it’s Kraft Dinner for breakfast today!”

He came racing around the corner and hugged me ferociously around the legs. “I love you Mum! I love KD!”

And so began lunch for breakfast. Why was I killing myself making a different breakfast and a completely different lunch five days a week? Once we talked, and Luka said he had absolutely no problem having the same thing, it was toasted egg and cheese sandwiches for brekkie and then for lunch, KD, ham and cheese sandwiches and cucumber. He still has a bowl of cereal or pancakes or toast sometimes, but by combining the breakfast and lunch into one meal served twice, I’ve saved tons of time and stress. I even have time for coffee and food myself sometimes!

It works for me!

QUESTIONS FOR YOU: Any other lunch ideas that work equally well for breakfast?

Leave me a hello if you can, and then check out tons of other tips of all kinds on Shannon’s blog. Now, click here so you can enter my contest to win one of two hardcover copies of Desmond Morris’s stunningly beautiful new book, Amazing Baby.

See you tomorrow!

3 Responses

  1. Very interesting! I actually do the opposite though. My kids love to have a bowl of cereal for breakfast and then one again at lunch. Since they really only eat Rice Krispies and Cheerio’s I have no problem with it. I’ll have to try the lunch for breakfast some day! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Hey, my hubbie is of German descent…so cold cuts and heavy breads are a breakfast staple. Makes for easy breakfast/lunch combos.

  3. Well one item is left over pizza is excellent for breakfast … I love it cold but is easily heated for a hot breakfast. Now I know you were asking about lunch as breakfast but don’t forget that breakfast (pancakes) for dinner work really well too. Easy lunches always seems to be the sandwiches but don’t rule out yogurt for breakfast or lunch and of course string cheese. So my kids have been out of the house & I haven’t needed to make lunches in years so I am out of touch with what’s in these days.

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