Rant list #3: step on up and join the raving!

Taberon Kaiju, Tokidoki Version, is Italian designer Simone Legno’s contribution to the Kaiju For Grown Ups project. My oldest son, Graydon, is fascinated by these. I’ve chosen this one as my rant visual.

The weekend is over and it’s time to detoxify for the week ahead!

My list (for public consumption, mind):

  1. ludicrous advertising slogans—”Change your TV, change your life.” I’m in;
  2. 65 firing days at the Franklin Mint or wherever they churn out commemorative plates, cars, mugs—HOW MANY UNITS PER DAY? 100 or 100,000?? OMG. What’s the 1-800 number for that Obama plate?
  3. people who berate their children instead of taking care of them: Zellers, 4:45 p.m. on Saturday, kidswear department. The child was wiped out, crying that she was hungry and tired, mum’s cart was jammed with stuff (they’d been shopping a long time), mom was blabbing on the phone about the new movie Twilight, and she yanked her attention from the phone three times to snap at the child to “Hurry up and pick out your damn underwear!” “Shut up that whining!” and I couldn’t believe my ears at this one: “I’ll give you something to cry about! Hey! Anybody want a spoiled rotten brat??” I wheeled my cart right up to hers and gave her the most astonished look I could muster. Another woman showed up at the exact same time. Motor-mouth mom snapped her phone shut and started flipping through the undies. I took my time looking at little socks. The scene still makes my blood boil;
  4. getting home and seeing the item that was marked $2.09 on the store shelf rang in at $2.99 on the bill;
  5. realizing I bought five of those $2.99 items, which means I’m out $4.50, and driving back and stating my case and factoring in the time it’ll take makes me figure it’s not worth it. Toys ‘R’ Us, shame on you!
  6. kids who cannot put wrappers of any kind in a garbage receptacle of any kind (my kids, my kids’ friends, your kids?).

Got a rant? Leave it here and cruise into the week having got it out of your system!

QUESTIONS FOR YOU: what’s pressing your nerve these days? Would you have said something to the mother in point 3 above? Devil’s advocate: how do I know that was her mother? Maybe it was mean Aunt Jean or even an older sister. Can a TV change a life? Why would a TV manufacturer use this line?

Rant on! Then jump back a day or two to enter a contest to win a beautiful book about babies.


5 Responses

  1. I don’t know what i would have done with a woman being so cruel to a child, even if it wasn’t hers, she is a child. I think I would have done as you, and just made sure she knew people were around so she would behave properly.

    My rant is diapers that advertise they don’t leak. They do. We have proof at my house, lol, should the company need aa example.

  2. … in regard to the woman & the child ~ yes I would have made a comment something like this: Looks like she’s all tired out from shopping, maybe she just needs to sit somewhere and eat so she can recharge her batteries. … and don’t forget the glare at the woman so she can see she has been discovered as being insensitive to the child’s needs.

    rants car commerials that try to equate the way a car performs with LOVE or Sex! One commerial woman’s voice asks if when you turn you car on does it return the favor? (bah garbage!!) another says that the *won’t name car here … is LOVE & then Love your *… are you kidding me?

  3. Oh … I don’t know how I would have dealt with that Walmart woman. I am getting antsy just picturing that situation.
    Rant: People who yammer away, not quietly, on their cell phones in the middle of stores like they think we actually CARE what they are saying. To those people … please turn down your volume.

  4. Re: the woman and child: I once saw a mother slap the face of her child who was sitting in a grocery cart. I was shocked, but I did nothing other than to follow her around to ensure she didn’t do anything else. I have always regretted not doing more. I know that if I saw it again, I would intervene. I’m no longer too shy to say something (even though I know they will probably get all defensive and tell me to mind my own business), then follow them out the door, get their license plate number and report them to Children’s Services and the police. Abuse is abuse be it physical or emotional…and I am an adult.

    My current rant is with drivers who run red lights…not amber lights…red lights! This is something that has gotten out of hand in the last few years. I remember my father getting ticketed for running an amber light. What has happened?

    Oh…and one more…seeing as we are now in the biggest shopping time of the year…if you are a cashier, please don’t start pushing the next customer’s purchases through while I’m still standing there trying to put my cash away and collect my bags. It’s rude.

    Phew! You’re right….I feel purged!!

  5. Mom, aunt, big sis, whatever- how can you be so insensitive to a child’s crying!?! There’s a reason they cry, it’s one of our human default communication languages. Find out why the child is upset and alleviate their pain. Why aren’t common sense skills taught in school?, children don’t come with instructions attached! Since we learn what we live, let’s hope this child has another adult in their life that respondes appropriately to their needs so that they don’t grow up feeling they don’t matter.

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