Friday Foto Finish Fiesta 4xF

This is my first time on Candid Carrie’s Friday blog carnival. The theme is simple one—post a favourite photo and say why it’s a fave. That’s her spelling up there in the title, and when you visit her site to see the other photos, you’ll see tons of creative Phriday spelling!

My entry:

This is Luka, my seven-and-less-than-one-month-away-from-eight year old and Lizzie, one of our two bunnies. This a favourite photo of mine because this is exactly how Luka is—gentle and full of love. This isn’t a staged photo; it’s a combination of Tessa’s talent with her camera and her timing, and Luka being himself.

Leave a comment, then click here to zip back one day so you can enter to win a harcover copy of Desmond Morris’s new book from Firefly Books. I can’t say evough good things about it—tons of beautiful photos and wise writing from an expert. And you can use the photos as inspiration as you document your amazing baby, and maybe the pic will end up in a Friday Foto Finish Fiesta 4xF!! (I’m hearing the strains of “The Circle of Life” in my head!)

Then hop (ha, ha, ha! I kill me!) on over to check out Candid Carrie!

QUESTIONS FOR YOU: what are you doing with these dang digital photos? Are you saving them on your computer? On a photo-sharing site? Actually saving them over on CDs or memory sticks? Heaven forbid—are you getting prints and still slipping them all in photo albums? Is scrapbooking happening in Canada the way it has in the States?


3 Responses

  1. What a fabulous photo! Very relaxed and natural.

    As for what to do with all the digital photos…I make photobooks online at one of the various sites that offer these. Look at Kodak, Black’s Cameras, (which is Hewlett Packard and the one I use most often). These sites let you upload your pics, place them in a variety of fun page layouts. Then they print them on nice paper with a nice cover. They’re great, and everyone loves the books…great gifts too.

  2. Totally agree with Angela. First off Tessa is truly talented with her camera wish I were that good with mine! Timing does play an important part in good vs great photos!
    Secondly … I’m here in the US of A and I can’t get involved with scrapbooking the way so many others have been & still are. But after traveling with my mom I wanted to give her a scrapbook of our trip and found that a photo book was the ideal way to do that without having to actual “scrapbook”! I have used Kodak gallery & snapfish. With Kodak I used just the plain photobook… with snapfish I used the custom cover photobook & I have to say I love the custom cover books the best. Yes they can be “pricy” however by the time I spent all the $ on scrapbooking supplies and all my time working on the scrapbook the cost equals out in my way of thinking. So far my mom has been given on regular cover & one custom cover & she loves her photo books (and they are easier to show “off” the photos in this format than a reg. album).
    And I’m awaiting two custom covered photo albums of my very own they should arrive soon.
    As for your ? about what are we doing with all of these photos … I do have most of them saved on my computer … and many saved on back up disk this because before I saved on disk I had a computer crash in which I lost thousands of my digital photos. Thousands which included my grandbabies photo’s from birth etc. … so yes the photo sharing sites (Kodak, snapfish, shutterfly, flickr) and now the photo books have been discovered & I won’t go back to reg. photo albums unless I absolutely must!

  3. Hi Anne…I usually make up the photobooks then wait until I get a discount code from the supplier…that is if I can’t find one to use by doing a search online for a coupon code (that works quite often!).

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