Works for Me Wednesday: grocery shopping sorted!

This recession thing has finally gotten to me. My three kids and I (and the cat, puppy, two rabbits and 17 fishy things) have been weathering our own personal recession for the last three years, the last six months being the worst. Trendsetter that I am, the whole world seems to be following in my wake (no illusions of grandeur here, sir!). I started getting frugal ages ago, doing crazy things like stockpiling butter when I could find it half price and there was room in the freezer.

Once upon a time I shopped only at Loblaws. I bought every new thing they could throw at me. I did use a green grocer for some greens, but that was about it. Now, I’m shopping the way my mum shopped, glancing over the flyers, seeing who has what on sale and stopping by three or four grocery stores to get the specials. But that was in smalltownsville, where your four grocery stores are within a half mile radius and between a few of them there wasn’t even a stoplight.

Here, now, shopping for the loss leaders requires tactical manouevres, and I have them for you:

At this site ( you can access zillions of flyers, all by entering your postal code. You’ll get the regional one that is right for you and the one that is time-effective for now. You can choose flyers by category even—grocery, hardware, clothing.

Then open up this site ( and create an account for yourself—super easy, I did it. There are fields for the item, the price, the store, the neighbourhood, if you have a coupon for the item, even additional comments (because another feature lets you email the list to a spouse, friend, teen, and you might want to add some commentary like “get bell, not jalapeno, peppers”).

Go between your flyers and the list and enter what you need. The site will sort your grocery list by store so you, or any other lucky shopper you appoint, can march into the right store, get the right stuff and even have a list of which coupons need to be presented at the checkout. And you can create more than one list, or even set a default list of the basics that you can add to each time. Works for me!

This was passed on to me by Tessa, my 17 year old and a list maker from a way back. Makes a mother proud! Leave me a hello if you can, and then check out tons of other tips of all kinds on Shannon’s blog. Come back tomorrow for a fabulous contest giveaway: a copy of Desmond Morris’s stunningly beautiful new book, Amazing Baby, of which you can have just a taste of below.

See you tomorrow!


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the tips! I’m a HUGE bargain shopper, and love coupons.

  2. I like this list. I find it easier to do a grocery list at my computer than at the kitchen table. And you can find all the store flyers. I did not know this before!

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