Meet-a-Blogger Monday

And the winner of the “Seriously folks, how much do you want to know?” readers poll is—Jen. And she has gotten back to me and lo and behold, she’s a blogger and a crafty girl and an Etsy shop–owner. She also writes a mean intro, so I’m not going to rewrite her and paraphrase her, I’m letting her take it away!

First off, sorry I didn’t respond quicker. Your email was in my spam and I didn’t notice it.

I live in a small city, one small enough that everyone lives in each other’s back pocket. As a transplanted Toronto girl, I still have to get used to that.

I have a blog ( but it’s not very entertaining. The impetus was to have an online journal for far away family and friends to read, so when they email me and ask, “How’s things?” I don’t have to write the same stuff all the time. And I swear in it because I have a potty mouth in real life.

A friend had me set up an Etsy store ( for my purses [editorial note: Jennifer makes bags, wallets and purses from recycled juice boxes, record sleeves, old books—they are amazing, and gift-giving season is right around the corner, so check her site out], if you’re more willing to post something like that.

My bio? Ew. I earn money off the English language and other people’s poor grasp of it. In other words, I write, edit and tutor. I’m a Ryerson Journalism grad, which probably explains everything. I read blogs like yours because great writing begets great writing and it’s nice to know I’m not alone in Momland. I’m kicking my middle age in the teeth by training to be a fitness instructor. I make my kooky bags and accessories out of recycled materials (Jammers, record albums, and books mostly). I’m a married mother of three (a girl, 10, and two boys who are 8 and 5). And I aspire to have the calm, wisdom and grace that my Etsy-building friend possesses.

Keep on keeping on. You do a fantastic job.


So, there you are, the winner. I’m starting another contest Thursday, in my Things I Love Thursday post. The prize is a copy of Desmond Morris’s new book Amazing Baby ($40). Check back and enter!


2 Responses

  1. Hi Jennifer, like you I also make my living off the english language, teaching it that is, I live in Italy and grew up in Hamilton, Ontario. Living here has really helped me get to know what life is all about, there in Canada I was the typical canadian who takes all for granted instead here even though I live well, I have to work a little harder to make ends meet.

    Getting back to my teaching, I do it because it’s the only thing I could do when I moved here, I know Italian well but not so well to work in an office like I used to do in Hamilton, where I worked for The Hamilton Passport Office, anyways I really enjoy my teaching and I meet new people all the time, I’ve been doing it for about 23 years now since I moved here, and would never go back to an office job for the world, this is more stimulating and often challenging not to mention the satisfaction of seeing the happy faces of those who had difficulties at first and finally made it in the end. It’s a real accomplishment for me and them, anyways take care and I’ll surely look up your blog asap, bye or should I say Ciao, Olympia.

  2. Nice to meet you Jennifer. I agree with you that Jacquelyn does a fantastic job.

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