Our Mom-to-be blogger is!

Here’s a big hello to the super-cute newborn of Helen, my web editor and Mom-to-be-Tuesday guest blogger!

From my computer to your screen:

Hi Jacquelyn!

I had a baby boy on October 20th at 9:15pm (note the date, that’s the next working day after I took my mat leave. I didn’t even get a whole day off cause I had contractions before 4pm!)

His name is Cillian Christian McGee, 9 pounds 3 ounces (!).

Sorry I’ve taken so long to write, I had a difficult but thankfully short delivery and subsequently it’s taken me a while to recover. Feeling much better now. Now I’ve got my very own labour horror story – replete with extreme screaming and forceps – to terrorize expectant moms with!

Here’s a picture of the little squeaker. He’s a really good baby, I’m very lucky.

Hope all is well with you!


OH MY GOD!!!!!

What a beautiful baby!!

Can I please put him in the blog, please, please, please? Of course you could introduce him to the readers in your Tuesday slot… If not, I could just intro him with his first name and weight, which is exactly the same as Luka was. If you were able to blog about it though, you could include some of the gory details (screaming and forceps sound great). I think you and I are made of the same cloth–

Tessa was born the day I went on leave–induced–and Graydon and Luka were both born on work days! Then my leaves started!

I’m so happy for you! He is too precious,

——xoxo Jacquelyn

Well, I’m not quite up to blogging just yet, what with the 7 hours I log in ye ole nursing chair these days, which, btw, I have taken to calling “the electric chair.”

(I suspect your sense of humour must be as dark as mine, too, I hope…that, or you’ll think I’m a lunatic).
But feel free to blog about baby, and use any of my comments in these past emails online, I don’t consider them too personal!

So here’s Cillian, and what a perfect little boy he is. Makes me wish I had a newborn too. You know, for an afternoon or so. Maybe I should offer to babysit. That way, Helen could get a little blogging time in after all…

QUESTIONS FOR YOU: Did you have photos of your baby taken in the hospital? Did they turn out? How many times did you have to tell your birthing story before you got it out of your system? I told (and still am) it about a thousand times—I never get tired of it—do I hear moans out there?? What is it about the top of a baby’s head that is so addictive?


3 Responses

  1. Congratulations Helen ~ he is certainly worth whatever your “horror” story may be hehehe… and take your time adjusting to being a nursing mom that electric chair feeling should not be happening… it is supposed to be more relaxing and enjoyable then feeling like your in a death chamber… did I go there oh yeah I did!
    Jacquelyn… I always tell my birthing stories after others share their “horror stories” because my experiences were not horrific in any sense. Short labor(s) for all 3, basically “easy” deliveries all 3 times also so when the room gets just about done with the “horror” side of birthing I pipe up with well you could take after me and have one of these experiences. pregnant, nursing,pregnant,nursing,pregnant,nursing Done! Yes I did that all 3 are 2 yrs apart. Now I get to enjoy my grandbabies 😉

  2. Congratulations!
    I so want to hear the horror story! I had my own little boy born on Nov 5th – we had to use the vacuum – so not quite as dramatic as forcepts.
    Anyway, congrats again – and it does get easier – trust me.
    The best piece of advice I was told was the first 8 weeks are about nothing other than survival – that is all you have to do – don’t worry about the house or entertaining guest who want to look – you just need to survive – and once those 8 weeks are over you will be able to look back and realize how far you have come and how much easier it already is.

  3. Jacquelyn, thanks for the wonderful welcome for my little monkey. He’s still a sweetie, so far so good! And thanks Jenny and Anne for the advice and tips! I’m enjoying being a new mom.

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