Contest alert! Winner!

And the winner of the “Seriously folks, how much do you want to know?” readers poll is—Jen. I want to thank everyone who weighed in with an answer. I think I can handle writing about therapy, but if no one cared to read about it, ha! I’m out! I used science to pick the winner: I assigned a number to each comment on that day’s and the actual contest announcement day’s posts, and asked my seven-year-old Luka to randomly select a number. Jen wins this prize pack:

And when I hear back from her with an address (I have emailed her), she might send some biographical info for me to share!

The original question and the kick-off for the poll was this:
…it is time to see my very own therapist. I have not done this. I have sought and found psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists for my children and for the family as a whole, but never for me. I hate to think of it this way, but that seems so subservient, mother-puts-all-others-before-herself. So, I’m doing it. I am seeing someone and we’ll see if it’s a good fit. It’s certainly a new chapter in my life.

So my Reader poll after all this is: do you want me to blog it? Not word-for-word of course (however, I might post interesting bits to YouTube), but some of the illuminating thoughts, coping strategies, useful advice, and just some notes on focusing finally on the MOM?…

and the overwhelming answer was yes, but only as much as you want.

So, you’ll start hearing about it next week. Here’s hoping we all learn something!


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