Works for Me Wednesday: fresh lemon juice anytime

I thought I was at an all-time low of clever tricks to share on this Wednesday of Works for Me! postings, so I went over random mundane happenings in the last couple of weeks. My neighbour needed to borrow a lemon, did I have one? Why yes, I do, I’ll have Luka run it over straight away. I had two lemons, one that would have caused my neighbour to wonder how I picked my produce, and the one I sent over.

The one I kept is the lemon I have on hand for when I need a drizzle or splash of fresh lemon for a drink or salad or fish or chicken. I can’t take bottled lemon juice for anything other than baking, and then only when lemon isn’t the primary flavour. So I want a fresh lemon on hand, but I don’t want the dirty a knife every time I need a drop, nor do I want to slice it in half and deal with seeds and spoilage. So:

I take a lemon, roll it around quite brutally, then drive a hole into it with a thick shishkebob skewer—anything with a good bore width would be great, especially wonderful would be a hole made with a real drill (I haven’t got one of those in my single mum tool kit yet). Then when I need a drizzle I have one, and it keeps for a long, long time in the fridge!


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  1. I’ll have to try this. Thank you for the great tip 🙂

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