Hallowe’en: who went as whom?

Luka as Darth Vader, with voice changer that creates very scary, authentically other-worldly Star Wars voices. This was taken in the school yard after the kids do their Hallowe’en costume parade, a grand tradition at their school, and one I did not miss and have not missed in 14 years of having kiddes at that school!

Tessa, on the right, and her BFF Erika. Why did I not look like either of these girls on Hallowe’en? They didn’t collect candy, although they were offered more than once.

The quintessential Facebook pic of Erika and Tessa.

My own 15-year-old trick-or-treater Graydon, who went as a 15 year old in a creepy mask who was accompanying his little brother and sister and her friend and his mother and new puppy and his own friend and couldn’t wait to get away and really pick up some steam doing that “hey! I’m not too old for trick or treating! I’m watching my little brother” thing.

If you think I look scary here, you should see what’s in the trash!


3 Responses

  1. Hello from mat leave, everyone!

    I spent Halloween glued to my rocking chair with brand-new baby boy Cillian!

    Jacquelyn, remind me of your email addy via comments… I’ve got pictures to send you!


  2. So guess what Ehren did on Sunday. He asked my husband if he could trade in ALL of his candy for a pair of rollerblades. Yes you heard me correctly, all of of his candy. Ironically enough I was at a store and found a pair on sale for $14.99 so when I got home Dave told me about his request and the rollerblades claimed a new owner and now I have a bag of halloween candy for some one other than our family. Imagine trading in candy for rollerblades!

  3. Great pics!! But when did our beautiful little “trick or treaters” grow up? Feels like just yesterday we were holding them by the hand…and then looting their loot bags after they were asleep…(but not this year, I guess!) 🙂

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