Hallowe’en: a few new tricks!


Hallowe’en was fabulous! We did several things differently this year, and all of them worked out, surprise, surprise.

1) I waited until THE NIGHT BEFORE to buy the chocolate candy. Gummy things and white-and-orange-and-black lollies I picked up weeks ago, but since we usually always eat the mini chocolate bars way before Hallowe’en night and have to buy fresh supplies for the big night, I went to the store Thursday night. Score!

2) Ever since Tessa started going out for Hallowe’en at age 2, I took the kids out and Hubby (ha! I’ve never used that word before, but I’ve just spent hours cruising around parenting blogs, many of them in the States, and everyone calls their husbands Hubby or Hubs, so even though mine is an ex now, I’m trying this sobriquet on for size) stayed home to hand out the goodies. Since Hubs moved on, Tessa and/or Tessa and Graydon took Luka out and I stayed home handing out candy. I don’t know why exactly, but I don’t like handing out the candy. I love seeing the little ones in their costumes, and telling them how cute they are, and giving the 15-year-olds a hard time (but not too hard, since I prefer they collect candy than drink beer in the park or behind the school). But mostly I think how fun it was when I took out my kids. So, I put out three bowls full of candy and a bristol-board sign saying please take one of each and leave the rest for the other goblins.

3) We actually split our trick-or-treating between our immediate neighbouring streets and the streets around Luka’s school because he HAD to meet his friend for trick-or-treating together. I’ve always insisted the door-to-door was right at home base, but even though we were eight blocks away, we ran into seven or eight of his classmates that we wouldn’t have, so it was a great idea.

4) Instead of making the same sized cookies for all cookie-lovers, I found eight-inch pumpkin and spiderweb cutters this year, so Luka’s classmates got eight-inch cookies, friends and family got the usual four-inch ghosts and cats and bats, and my office mates got teeny little one-inch iced cookies, barely one gram of fat and therefore touted as fat-free!

More cookie pics:

QUESTIONS FOR YOU: Have you ever tried leaving candy at the front of your house? Do you think decorating fpr Hallowe’en has gotten out of hand?? Which job do you like best: a stay-at-home door-tender or watch-for-traffic minder? Do YOU dress-up for Hallowe’en????


One Response

  1. – I have never left candy at the front door because as I kid whenever I got to these houses, nothing was left!
    – We are big on the decorating thing, so no, it hasn’t gotten out of hand. The neighbours should do more of it. When we lived in England for a few years, we took all our decorations with us, and the kids (and adults) there just loved seeing our house.
    – I like going out with the kids, but that has ended now.
    – I dress up whenever I find the time…there’s usually quite a rush to get the kids ready.

    I’m one of those people that likes to celebrate everything. Life’s too short to worry if someone else thinks you have overdone it!

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