“I just flew in from Philly, and man, my arms are tired…”

Always at the ready to find ways to help Luka succeed at the school game, I have memorized all the hint sheets for bringing writing and reading and math into his everyday life: have him take down the grocery list, read out food labels, add, subract and multiply to see which price is the best deal. Last night he almost cried while telling me how hard he worked at math last year to get an A when all he got was a B. I have to admit I was thrilled to hear that he even remembered he wanted a good mark last year, since this year he’s not putting too much energy in. Then he went on to say that’s why he doesn’t think he’ll work so hard this year. Aha!

Mental note: talk to teacher to get an appointment with Luka and talk about what he can do to inch his mark up.

I then congratulate myself for the constant effort on my part to get him to do math and writing and reading outside of school work, because obviously it is having a positive effect.

So, this morning I am driving hm to school and he says, “I have a joke for you.”

“OK. What is it?”

“What do you do with a squeaky mouse?”

I hum and haw and say, “Oh, I don’t know! What do you do with a squeaky mouse?”

“Oil it!”

“Oh my gosh, that is so funny Luka! You know what you should do??” I’m thinking, quick, how to apply this joke-telling thing to a learning experience—yes! He should make a book of jokes.

“Comedy?” he asks.


Ha ha, yes, my kid is funny, and his mum needs to chill.

Tomorrow is Works for Me Wednesday, and I tackle the C word: cleaning. See you then!


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  1. Luka is such a smart kid, and hilarious too. He could have a future as an inventor/book writer/comedian/vet!

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