Organizing and cleaning the house—YUCK!

I found this excellent photo at

Sad to say, this is one of my family’s methods of storing: scrunch something that doesn’t deserve to be saved into something else that should be in the junk pile, slap a label on the outside and put it out of sight until the next clean-up.

Could it be that fall is in the air, and we want to carry that crispness inside our home? Or might we actually have to entertain someone in our house who is not a kid or as much a victim of clutter as I am? Or, do we really, really want to clean up the collective act in our house?!?

Luka and I had one of our early Saturday morning chats this past weekend. Completely out of the blue, as he was making Lego creatures in front of My Gym Partner is a Monkey, he says:

“Mummy, there are two reasons why we can never move out of this house. One, I love it too much. Two, I could never, ever, clean out all my toys.”

“Oh, I see,” I respond. “That would be—”

“But Mummy, there is one other thing.”

“Excuse you.”

“Oh yea, sorry, excuse me. There is one other thing that would be good about moving. We could get a much huger house that could hold all our stuff!”

He was pretty smiley after that one. He had hit on the answer to our clutter woes.

But all funning aside, it is time for a big clean. Stage 1 happened on the weekend. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Works for Me Wednesday to find out the details…


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