Things I Love Thursday: party invitations

tilt.jpgThis blog carnival is called Things I Love Thursday. The rules are simple: “pick an actual thing that you love. Feel free to do a product review, but make sure to let your readers know that you have been supplied with the product to review so we are keepin’ it honest.” This isn’t a true product review, just a posting on something I love. For more excellent things that bloggers love, check out The

Now, you might be thinking that I love grown-up party invitations, but no, I’m talking about party invites for little kids. it never mattered what the mood, how rainy the day or how tough a day it had been at school, when a party invitation fell out of a backpack or there was a knock on the door and an envelope came through the slot with a kiddie’s name on it, it was instant HAPPY. A grin from ear to ear, wide-open eyes, little up-and-down hops and a flood of: “I heard about this party but I didn’t know if I’d be invited what should I get for a present oh wait I know he loves Lego when is it I can’t swim does that matter can I give him and me matching tattoos we have to go shopping should I make a card???”

Luka, my seven year old, has invites to three parties in the next two weeks. This is a boy who was invited to three birthdays in all of Grade 1. Now it’s halfway through October in Grade 3 and he’s been to four parties already and by the end of the month, that’ll be seven. I am so happy for him, because he used to be a very quiet, kinda shy little guy, and now he’s so thrilled to be included.

Check out this fabulous printable birthday invite by Jessica Jones!

Got a party coming up? You can Google for printable invitations, and come up with tons of choices, like fun kid invites from PBS. Over at Hostess with the Mostest you’ll find a fabulous guest posting by Jessica Jones of How About Orange with the cutest free customizable printable invites and flowers for decorations—that’s them above. For an email or postable-bloggable e-invite, be sure to check out, where even a techno-feeb like moi can make a cool, video- and photo-personalized invitation that can walk the eco-talk (no paper).

Anyway, it’s so much fun to see my little guy’s joy at being included that party invitations are some of the Things I Love!

For more excellent things that my peeps love, check out The

QUESTIONS FOR YOU: have you sent an email birthday party invite yet? Have you printed or designed one yourself? What about just a telephone invitation, parent to parent, for a kid’s party? And the final question, do you forget to RSVP??


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  1. I make all my kids birthday invitations. I love being creative and coming up with something unique 🙂

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