Newsflash: puppy has a name(s)


Our little puppy has a name, and it’s Clover. A couple of days before we got him, Luka had asked me a constant stream of questions about four-leafed clovers: “why are they lucky?” “who says so?” “where can you find them?” “what if you eat one—will you be really lucky?” “can you buy four-leaf clover seeds and plant them all over your lawn?” “is a five-leaf clover lucky?” And then, not even an hour later, I looked down on the pavement and saw a leather thong necklace. Luka picked it up and the pendant was a four-leafed clover set in resin. Freaky! Luka was my number one reason for getting the puppy, and as I held him, I thought “Luka…lucky…clover” and then picked out an olive-green harness and leash.

Tessa isn’t too happy with the name—”he isn’t green, is he?”—and she and her dance friends are making themselves happy by calling him Goose when he’s at the dance studio. I’ve also heard him called Baybay (a thinly disguised Baby). A friend at work says most dogs she knows have at least 10 names. So now I don’t feel so guilty about calling him Pocket when I pick him up!

I saw Miley Cyrus and her grubby-looking dad on the tube tonight, and they had a Maltese with them. Britney has a Maltese called Lacey, and Halle Berry has two. Pretty interesting company.

Thank you for your help and suggestions for puppy names—it was fun!

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  1. Eva Longoria has a Maltese named Jinxy, that’s sounds like too unlucky a name. I think Clover is nicer and it makes one think lucky anyway.

    Your puppy is so cute. he must be very good with children?

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