Friday catch-up

Who made these fabulous thank-you notes? These are the thank-you notes I used in yesterday’s post, Things I Love. They are handmade by Nat, a Canadian mum living in Indonesia. She sells her cards and paper crafts on the Etsy website, a community where artists and artisans and crafters and thousands of creative types sell their wares. I asked Nat what being a mum in Indonesia is like, and this is what she said:

We have a baby boy, Ethan. He is almost 11 months now. Hiring a caregiver in Indonesia is not as expensive as in Canada. I took advantage of that, but of course it doesn’t mean that my baby is with her 24/7. I’m a SAHM and Ethan is with me almost 24/7. By hiring a nanny, it will give me an opportunity to work on my cards and rest when I need it. I do miss Vancouver a lot! It’s so hot over here that it’s not possible to bring him to parks. Instead, we go to Malls. But there is always pro and con in anywhere you live.

Nat’s Etsy shop is Adore by Nat. You can tell her heart is still in Canada by the number of super-fun snowmen Christmas cards she has already made. This is just a sampling. Buying from Etsy is not like buying from a store: you deal individually wih the artist, and it’s very easy and satisfying, and the prices, with no overhead to speak of, are great!

Happy birthday cookies! This is the tag designed by one of my sisters to accompany the fancy cookies that I made for Joyce’s birthday party. Joyce is the person who sent me a handwritten thank-you note, the subject of yesterday’s post. And below, you’ll see some of the cookies. Note the flower theme of cookies and gift card. Ahem! During the making and decorating of these cookies I had an avid audience of three little nieces and my Luka, and you have never seen such an efficient crew of icing-accident eaters. Every time a line went squiggly, or the icing had an air pocket, the offending cookie was wisked away, broken into four pieces and gulped before I could put down the icing bag.




What’s on for the weekend, you ask? We are puppy-proofing the house. I have visions of everyone pulling together to make a puppy-safe home, but I think I will settle for a little less. My to-do list is in my head, and tonight, as we hang out and not work and watch a video or two, I may or may not post it. Either way, wish us luck.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


6 Responses

  1. Hi Jackie, I get your blogs every day by mail but I don’t always have time to respond. Tonight I have time.
    I LOVE your cookies!!! I wish I was one of those kids sitting and waiting for oopsies!!!
    I love today’s spotlight on etsy too, so I’m sending you the link to my friend Summer’s etsy website. She’s an amazing artist. She lives here in Kitimat, but she’s from Windsor.

    miss you, Jen

  2. Love your blog and had to say that I am quite happy to see a Canadian feature Etsy on your blog. I have been shopping on etsy for years and am still amazed that some of my friends don’t know about it.

    I thought I would leave a link to my favorite shop on etsy since this Canadian mom has been super sweet to deal with and has amazing products.

    Keep the great posts coming!

  3. This article is a great read, and such a wonderful Etsy shop! I love visiting fellow Canadian artists’ shops on Etsy – here is a link to mine just in case you would like to take a look! 🙂

    Thanks! Those cookies look great too, btw!

  4. Thanks so much for featuring me. It’s so nice of you.
    LOVE those cookies. If I was there, I probably were not going to eat them cause they are just too beautiful to be eaten.

  5. Those cookies are award-winning.

  6. Beautiful cookies. And beautiful cards, too!

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