Mental Health Week: let the madness begin!

Now, now, before you pounce on the complete and total inappropriateness of the title of today’s entry, feast your eyes on this:








This is Clover, or Pocket, or Lucky, or Baybay, depending on who you talk to. He is a purebred Maltese, three months old, weighs three pounds, has no fleas. He is pictured above with Luka, cousin Nicolas, Tessa and Graydon, and the best photo is of Luka, who when he saw the puppy on the front grass, asked “Who’s puppy is that?” and we said “Ours!” lauched himself up into my arms and clung there for what felt like an eternity.

This is our own personal pet therapy puppy, and the madness I referred to above was the total reorganization of everyone’s schedules to fit in and train our new family member. This blog will now have puppy stories in addition to kid stories, cat stories, bunny stories, fish stories and more.

QUESTION FOR YOU: do you have an opinion on a name? If so, please chime in with one of ours, or one of your own!

These are our short-listed names: Clover, Pocket, Lucky and Baybay. Other medium-listed names are Sushi, Stratford, Burchill, Jasper, Pepper, Casper, Puck. Long shots are Optimus Prime, Spot, Fizz and Rasputin.

See you tomorrow!


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