Things I Love Thursday: knowing Brad and Angie struggle too

Last evening, as I was sipping a caffe latte and perusing the international magazine titles (translation: waiting interminably in a lineup at WalMart, chugging an extra-large Tim’s with four milk and flipping through American gossip rags), I happened upon the latest in Brangelina land—Brad and Angelina’s $70 million chateau is a pigsty! They order in pizza, and leave the boxes on the kitchen counter! Brad and Maddox will happen by, grab a piece, take a few bites, and throw it back in the box! There is toothpaste smeared on the walls of the kids’ bathroom! Kids colour on the bedroom walls! Muddy footprints in the hall! Flies in the kitchen!


√ My chateau looks like the winning entry in TLC’s Clean Sweep.

√ We leave pizza boxes on the counter.

√ There are bite marks on some slices.

√ We too have toothpaste in places other than the tube.

√ I colour on the kitchen cupboards (THE best place for memos, important dates and notes to offspring, in Crayola Washables Crayons).

√ Muddy footprints.

√ Fruit flies in the kitchen—I blame the peaches.

I have to tell you, I stood a little straighter after I read that article. It isn’t just me with a house that looks like a frat dorm. Brad and Angelina are fighting the same fight that I do. Kids make messes. They leave things around. If there’s time to clean, there’s time to play instead.

I didn’t buy the magazine. Brad and Angie probably won’t buy it either. Score! We have more in common.

Two days ago they moved to Berlin to another chateau (they don’t have mansions in Europe) where there is already a staff of 12 or 14 people. The rent is $35,000 per week. Brad bought Angie a $55,000 bed after she had the twins. Brad shot the fam for the cover of the soon-to-be-out November W magazine. Hmmmm. The similarities are slipping.

BUT, no one is writing about my messy house but me. No one is salivating over what I had for dinner last night (Wednesday evening, after seeing a doctor and having a meeting with Quentin Tarantino, Brad had portobello mushroom ravioli with a truffle sauce, followed by giant prawns, according to my source at Star Magazine). That suits me just fine. Now if only my kitchen drain wasn’t plugged….

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2 Responses

  1. Ha, that is good to know. Good golly you think they could hire someone to clean up for them.

  2. The day I see a photo of Brad or Angelina with unnoticed baby drool down their back is the day I’ll think they are at all living a life in any way similar to my own! And…I want to know where they’re buying pizza from because if Angelina and Brad are eating it, it must have slimming, youth-enducing properties!

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