Works for Me Wednesday: fall harvest = chic drinks

wfmwbanner1.jpgWelcome to Shannon’s Works for Me Wednesday‘s blog carnival!

The September crop of raspberries is a plentiful one (I am not a fruit farmer, I just pretend I am when I’m in the backyard in front of my berry bushes) and this is a fabulous way to use them, save them and have chic drinks well into the winter:

Clean the raspberries, drop two or three in each of the ice cube sections, freeze, remove, bag, repeat. Far better than flash freezing and bagging and ending up with a soggy mass of sad, thawed berries. These make kids’ and adults’ drink sparkle (pictured is club soda and Fruitopia frozen concentrate) and remind us of summer when it gets cold outside. Works for Me!

Click over to Shannon’s blog for more tips!


2 Responses

  1. That looks delish!

  2. YUM! On the days when the wheels are about to fall off can we add them to a vodka and soda????

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