A shout-out to Good Samaritans everywhere

G.I.R.L. party! Pictures, Images and Photos<!–

I loved this blog carnival last week, hosted by Marcy at The Glamorous Life Association, and since the title of her blog does capture the true essence of my life, I am here again! She has asked bloggers to “show us all what YOUR GLAMOROUS LIFE looks like.” Remember when Queen Elizabeth called 1992 her “annus horribilis”? Well, I’ve had an almost two-week-longus horribilis, and I am just about fried. From the little details (left wallet at home, left kid backpack at babysitters, left value pack of chicken in shopping bag in basement for two days, left garbage in garage on pick-up day) to the medium ones (drains plugging up in kitchen, clothes washer busted, front door broken) to the large (ex wants divorce paperwork started, haven’t filed 2006 and 2007 taxes, Graydon having “struggles” of a non-medical nature—I’m not telling here, email me for details at jacquelyn.momblog@yahoo.ca—Luka still hating reading, Tessa having many ups and downs at her new high school) it has been totally overwhelming, and I can take a lot.

I even said at family therapy last Friday, I finally feel like the wheels are starting to fall off.

So, after eating a bag of Bridge Mixture (curse those stupid orange ones), filling the house with new curative aromas, getting my latest beading project out and turning on the TV to settle in for a family evening, I broke a molar Saturday night. I went to a walk-in clinic for pain meds Sunday, saw a new dentist Monday a.m. and had the whole thing pulled this morning.

The two-week-longus horribilis continues!

I am at work, biting down on gauze, taking my lunch half-hour to say:

THANK YOU to the good samaritans out there. If it wasn’t for people doing little things, and big things too, unselfishly, this would have been a far worse time. Some people are just extra-nice all the time, others are fastidious about their work, so what is standard for them comes as a welcome surprise to the rest of us. Still others don’t think about others a lot, so their gestures seem to mean even more.

Here’s my list of people to thank, incomplete to be sure, but a good start:

Sara, a mum-friend, for seeing Luka hanging out on the schoolyard a little longer than usual and taking him home.
Spenser’s mum, I’m so sorry that like many of us, I know her only as Spenser’s mum, for having Luka over for a snack after school.
Unnamed woman, who left her car at the pumps to come over and show me how those tire-filling air hoses actually work—she had no idea until another woman, a stranger too, showed her how they worked.
Liza, a new friend of Tessa’s, who has gone beyond the call as a new classmate in helping Tessa to feel part of her new school.
A KFC customer, who upon seeing Graydon counting out his change, said, “Hey you need more food than that, a growing boy!” and bought him two more pieces.
My little sister (I love calling her that), Juli the illustrator, sent me the coolest notebook with a cover from a kids’ book that our Dad used to read us at bedtime: the Thorton W. Burgess classics. She made the notebook. Photos to follow.
My hair and makeup team, because without them I’d look just like I do. It’s a Glamorous Life, I tell ya!

That’s it. My mouth is screaming, I’ve run out of clean gauze (that is not pretty) and my half hour is up.

QUESTION FOR YOU: I’m thinking of a pitching a story to the has-no-equal Canadian Living magazine about just this—when the wheels started falling off in your family, and what you did about it, or didn’t do. Everything absolutely, guaranteed, 100 per cent confidential, just leave your address or url here in the comment box, or email me at jacquelyn.momblog@yahoo.ca, and let’s compare notes!

Until tomorrow…


5 Responses

  1. I have had a few of these weeks. OH MY! We wonder how we’re going to live through them, and find that somehow we do it and had help from unexpected places along the way. i’ve also had a month where things were all falling apart and nobody helped – it was the worst time of my life. Those extra hands, kind words, and little helps go a long way!

  2. Oh my, oh dear and oh WOW.
    You have a lot going on right now. And I feel for you! It is such a glamorous life we lead isn’t it!

    So nice of you to turn your post into something positive by THANKING the universe for coming to your aide when you needed it. Wonderful.

    So glad you made it too the party…hope things improve, but I would still love to have you come to next weeks party too!!!

  3. Well, now I feel bad for saying I was having a hard night last night and going to bed. Sounds like you are truly having a hard time.
    Sorry to hear it.
    When I start to feel this way I try to get enough sleep and eat right as a basic rule. Otherwise, the wheels fall off even quicker.

  4. I think that it is a fabulous story idea; everyone I know has had those moments and it’s funny the people that you meet that won’t admit to it after – what the heck are they trying to prove? “Things fall apart” – remember that poem? – and we gather up and get support or strength from wherever and whoever and move on because we have to. I think a cross section of support group meetings – there are tons of them – would make an interesting addition/sidebar to the article. Sounds like you’ve been having a really awful, horrendous week+ and I applaud you for having the guts to blog it. I for one, am grateful. Thank you.

  5. August 2008 was my month from hell. My 19 year old daughter is an insulin dependant diabetic and she almost died twice from low blood sugars. I will never forget going into her bedroom to see her frozen on her bed with her eyes wide open and not blinking, staring off into space. Luckily, the paramedics were able to bring her back.

    What followed was a sleepless month with blood glucose tests every night at midnight, 3 a.m., 6 p.m. And an overwhelming sense of almost self hatred because over the years I have done many things wrong in helping her with her disease. As I got more and more tired, every small and large mistake loomed over me, and the fact that I have almost killed her several times through my action/inaction was becomming too much to bear. I have finally regained my balance, but it took a while and unfortuatly caused a rift between myself and my husband.
    What/who do I give thanks for? Well, first and foremost that despite her mother, my daughter is still alive. Secondly, for a friend and a sister who gave me hugs when needed.

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