Works for Me Wednesday: Ow! My brain hurts!

wfmwbanner1.jpgWelcome to Shannon’s Works for Me Wednesday‘s blog carnival!

Yesterday a good friend at work happened onto a killer sale on leather hair bands, bought two, and gave me one. Not for my birthday, or because I was promoted or fired, or even because I was feeling down—just because she loves a sale and wanted to celebrate by giving a fellow frugal shopper a gift. Works for ME!!

But that’s not the Works for Me Wednesdays tip. I have a big head under these need-some-highlights-desperately locks, and after half an hour of wearing the hair band I had a splitting headache, which carried on through the afternoon. So when I got home—here is the tip—I headed for the garage, went through the bin of sports balls (basketballs, soccer balls, baseballs, footballs, beach balls of all sizes, golf balls, tennis balls, ping pong balls, ball hockey balls and lacrosse balls—many of them totally useless here, but they were in the bin). I chose out a beach ball, took it inside, put it in a clean bag and stretched the hair band over it. After anywhere from 6 hours to a day or two (depending on what the band is made of), this trick works every time. It’s especially good for hair bands from the dollar store—so often they look so pretty, but won’t fit even a child’s head! Using balls is great, because they come in all sizes. It Works for Me!

QUESTIONS FOR YOU: who do you think wore/wears a hair band best?

Ms. Hepburn?

Hillary (historical hair-wear, apparently)?

The ever-fashionable-because-Victoria-says-so David Beckham?


Ashley Olsen (don’t ask—they’re Chanel, so they are gorgeous, and yes, if any of our sisters or girlfriends let us walk into a Fendi show with our hair looking like that we’d slap them smartly).

Register your vote, then click over to Shannon’s blog for more tips!


One Response

  1. Obviously Audrey! She made anything look fabulous.

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