The Glamorous Life Association: I am a member!

G.I.R.L. party! Pictures, Images and PhotosIt’s a new blog carnival, hosted by Marcy at The Glamorous Life Association, and since the title of her blog does capture the true essence of my life, I am there! She has asked bloggers to “show us all what YOUR GLAMOROUS LIFE looks like. You know…the real glamour of being a wife/mother/maid. Photo of you cleaning toilets? Perfect. Kids spilled an entire box of Cheerios on the floor? Excellent.”

The thing of it is, every photogenic woman knows the first rule for photogenicity is to destroy EVERY unflattering photo of oneself. I have practised this since high school. Tear them up, throw away the bad negs (when we had negatives), ask to see “funny” pictures of you that other people have and surrepticiously tuck them in your shirt for later disposal. So, finding a photo that would reveal my glamorous life was no easy task.

As a single Mum, with a glamorous life, I think it is important to share meals and precious quality time with my children, especially my youngest. Instilling table manners in them is imperative, considering the fine restaurants I am forced to dine in because of my social milieu. I also have much to discuss with them, wisdom to impart, that sort of thing. Hence this pic of me at my best.


Note the pontificating facial expression, gesticulating with food, sophisticated ambience and mannerly child with leg up at the table. It’s glam, I tell you!

Check out Marcy’s blog now!


9 Responses

  1. Well, it’s pasta and not poutine, so I think you’re doing great. And this digital photo thing has made it impossible to seek out and destroy every lousy picture of yourself. My method is to be the photographer …

  2. Hey, looks like a glam shot to me!

    1. No food spilled on your clothes.

    2. Clearly you are having a great hair day!

    3. You are obviously imparting wisdom which is obviously entertaining your child as is evidenced with his glazed-over look.

    Well, at least you’ve got items one and two on your side!

  3. OH MY…you are a brave woman! I have actually chosen not to eat at functions where people are photographing. Never a good picture! And anytime you are eating what looks like take-out, and talking and a photo is taken….well THAT is living the glamorous life my friends!

    Thanks for coming to the party!

  4. If only my grunginess were as glamorous. Restaurant, you say? Isn’t that a place you go before you have children? Are you even allowed admittance after having given birth?

    Nice to meet you!

    — Laurie @ Foolery

  5. LOL you look just like I would, yep at least you can hit delete on a digital camera before anyone else sees it 😀

  6. Saw you over on Marcy’s. Glad I stopped by. And… as unflattering as we feel pics are… this truly captures, in candid format no less, the mother/child conversation that happens at mealtime. How absolutely glamorous. Love it!

  7. Very flattering photo indeed! It’s glamor at it’s best. But nothing is better than a meal out with your kids! Cheers to being a Mom.

  8. Looks lovely to me! I have done much of what you suggest – get rid of the evidence! I can’t believe some of the pictures I’ve thrown away. There must have been a dozen of them where I’m scratching my nose, though the camera angle made it look like I was picking my nose. I am SURE I don’t always pick my nose on camera, but anyone looking at those pictures would never believe me – so they’re outta here!

  9. What a fabulous photo!!! I love it!!!!

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