Friday’s post a few days late; a stress-relieving game; rant list #2

Taberon Kaiju, Tokidoki Version, is Italian designer Simone Legno’s contribution to the Kaiju For Grown Ups project. My oldest son, Graydon, is fascinated by these. I thought this one looked like a good rant visual.
Yes, pretend it’s Friday, and here goes the post.

(Why pretend it’s Friday? Because I didn’t post on Friday, and I really wanted to do a Rant list. On Friday, Graydon and I were at Sick Kids from 9 until 3 for his late-effects cancer clinic follow-up, with his endocrinologist and neuropsychiatrist. He also took part in a voluntary study on chemo-induced diabetes, which involved getting an IV line placed (two dry runs there because his veins aren’t as good as they used to be, and his skin is pretty toughened up by all the needles of the past) and blood draws every half hour for three hours. And it was voluntary. Makes a mum proud, it does.)

I have been sent to the the webpage below by no fewer than 12 people in the past two weeks—either I have a very insular group of family, friends and contacts, or family, friends and contacts seem to think I need stress relief. Hmmmm…

Click the link and have a hoot—go maniac mode until you get it out of your system, then go bubble by bubble to eradicate all the things on your rant list.

My list (for public consumption, mind):

  1. gas prices (everywhere)
  2. lightbulbs burning out at the wrong times (at my house)
  3. fruitflies just when my peaches are lusciously ready to eat (in my kitchen)
  4. computers whose start-up disks are permanently full (on my desk)
  5. television commercials for mascara that show impossibly long lashes that are obviously fakes! You cannot get fake eyelash length and fullness with a stinking wand of clumpy black stuff!!!
  6. kids who cannot put wrappers of any kind in a garbage receptacle of any kind (my kids, my kids’ friends, your kids?)

So, I’m liking the listing of my rants. I find it very therapeutic. I’m thinking of starting a little regular rant-fest for my Because I Said So! Mom Blog. What do you think? If you have a blog, I can set a Mr. Linky thing and readers can link their blogposts to this blog, and if you don’t have a blog, no worry!! You can list your rants as replies. And of course, there’ll be a prize for the best rant each time.

QUESTIONS FOR YOU: what do you think? It is therapeutic to air your complaints, and I’d love to be the place you do it. Would you leave a comment? If you have a blog, would you participate and link? What kind of card would be best for a prize? Unlimited VISA card is my idea, but I don’t know how that’ll fly at HQ!!

Seriously, leave me a comment on this one. I think a regular rant would be fabulous!

And I will be participating in this party next Tuesday—click over and maybe you’d like to join in or at least see what it’s all about!

G.I.R.L. party! Pictures, Images and Photos


2 Responses

  1. Yah I will rant! ‘Cause you know I am gggoooooooddd at it! Read that good as Vinnie Barbarino of Welcome Back Kotter would have said it!

    Here are my new rants!

    1 — I agree, Gas Prices, however I stupidly pay them because the thought of my next rant just isn’t something I want to think about.

    2 — The TTC. Late, broken down, doens’t work at rush hour, takes an hour to get me home, can’t smoke on it, have to sit by people I would never choose to sit by in other circumstances.

    3 — Kids that think it’s Ok to come up to your table in a restaurant and stare at you when you are eating.

    4 — Parents that permit their kids to do # 3

    5 — Family (loud) discussions about who is using the cottage at what time.

    6 — Going to the trouble of making lunch and then forgetting it on the counter.

    7 — Going to the trouble of making lunch only to remember half way to work you have a lunch meeting where lunch is being supplied.

    That is enough for now, since I am going to do it on a regular basis now!

  2. Oh Jaquelyn, a topic close to my heart! I am the queen of outrage! So many to pick I will have to come back again for sure but to start:

    Pineapple on pizza! Are you kidding me!!!

    Ballerina flats. Are these hideous, foot numbing things going out of style any time soon?

    People that drive in the left lane, it’s called a “passing lane” for a reason people – get out of it already, don’t make me go around you cause I’ll do it and then you’ll be sorry!

    Barley risotto – risotto is rice, if it’s barley, it’s not risotto, who started this?

    Reward points. Remember when we didn’t spend three hours of waiting on hold and sell ourselves to marketing companies to shop?

    Waiting on hold with any service provider to have to prove that “no I didn’t spend $10,000.00 this month on your services and no it really couldn’t be someone else who made those calls or, used the shower, or left the lights on or, ran a grow-op, etc etc because I live on my own.” Also to have that customer service personal (can you believe we still seriously use that term?)tell you that yes of course they will put notes in your account so that you do not have to repeat the whole sorted story again since you have already been transferred three times only to speak to the next CSR and have them tell you “there are no notes here Mam, perhaps someone else in your house made those calls, ran the shower all night, started growing marijuana for all of the GTA etc ect.

    That’s it for now, I sure I’ll have to come back though, thanks for letting me vent.

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