Bye bye summer! Hello fall!

I know this is a gigantic photo, and it is likely breaking a blogging ettiquette rule, but I wanted you to be able to see the very cool shooting star effect there on the right, and the neat, spooky things happening in the light effects. Taken by Tessa, off the dock.

It’s the last weekend of summer. In a blind panic this week, full of regret over all the things we didn’t do this summer, I took all three kids on a ferry to the islands where we had a picnic and kicked the soccer ball around and made drawings and did not get eaten alive, thanks to layer upon layer of bug juice. The weather was seasonably cool, the sun shone, there was a good breeze.

In the evening we went to a birthday party at one of Luka’s girl friend’s—NOTE GIRL # FRIEND, not GIRLFRIEND, a distinction he is very clear about since teasing about girlfriends is a no-go in his seven-year-old world. The parents had set up a projection DVD screen and surround sound thing in their backyard that was fabulous. The resolution was like a gigantic HD TV (maybe that’s what it was!), sound was great, the kids spread out in sleeping bags with pillows and their stuffies. The weather was incredible. We parents were invited to stay and watch the movie—Freaky Friday with Ms. Lohan—and I did, extra-large coffee in hand (I made it in one direction on the ferry without Gravol, and patted myself on the back, then found out the return trip was 45 minutes, so I took the Gravol, so I drank the coffee). The mum had TWO birthday cakes, with homemade icing, that even the kids who don’t like cake ate up! They also rented a real movie-theatre popcorn popper, so all-in-all, it was a perfect end to a perfect summer day. Thank you Sara!

Now we head into the last weekend of the summer. I’m feeling pretty relaxed, difficult to believe since I am late for work, the weekend plans are in a shambles, two doctors I needed to reach are gone until Tuesday, Tessa’s best friend is going away for the weekend, Tessa starts a new school Tuesday, I haven’t got the after-school sked worked out for Luka, screeeeeech!

But, I have checked the tire pressure, clipped the bunnies’ nails, cleaned the fridge, done tons of laundry, read with Luka, made good deals with Graydon and Tessa has a backpack. It’s a super-important No-Fight Friday that will lead us into a three-day beginning of a happy, productive fall.

QUESTIONS FOR YOU: any secrets to keeping the weekend stress-free, especially this one? One that doesn’t involve a lot of merlot or hiring a child-minder? Have a great, great weekend!!


2 Responses

  1. A movie in the backyard? What a great idea! Diana’s mother must really know how to throw a rockin’ birthday party.

  2. How do you plan for bad weather with an outside party? We do an outside party for one of my children because it is in winter and we go tobagoning. But my other child has a May birthday and we have been rained on twice. It is like having to plan two birthday parties instead of one!

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