Works for Me Wednesday: keeping kids’ water cold

wfmwbanner1.jpgWelcome back to Shannon’s Works for Me Wednesday‘s blog carnival! In a previous post, I shared a super-easy way to keep track of how many bottles of water you drink in a day, sloshing toward that Christie Brinkley ideal of eight glasses a day. That solved my problem, and now Tessa has solved the other age-old problem in our house that leads to this exchange in the car almost daily:
“Mum, I’m thirsty’
“I brought bottles of water.”
“I know, I drank that. I need more.”
“You drank three bottles of water?
“I drank half of one, but they’re all warm now. Please, can we stop and buy a cold one?”

second stage
“Ice cold water really isn’t good for you.”
“Says who?”
“Anyone else?”
“There are whole religious movements that believe you should only drink water at room temperature.”
“Do we belong to one of them?”
“So can we buy a cold water?”

Enter Tessa, who rinses out the sturdier plastic bottles, fills them one-qurter full with filtered water and lays them on their sides in the freezer. She stockpiles. When it’s time to go, she grabs them, fills with water and it’s ice cold water for all for at least an hour or more. So, she saves us money.

Wow, a 16-year-old who saves the family money. I think I should call the papers!

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2 Responses

  1. Jacquie:

    I think Tessa’s way of having cold water is very clever. However, I agree with you that warm water is much better for you. I drink about 8 glasses of warm water a day and still I get thirsty sometimes – silly isn’t it. I only started that in the last year. Love your blog

  2. We have made little fruit-shaped ice cubes that fit throught the openings of the bottles. This sounds much easier!

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