Meet-a-Blogger Monday

Mom Blogger JacquelynHello! Welcome to Meet-a-Blogger Monday here at Because I Said So! When I tell people that I write a blog, they often counter with “I’ve always wondered what kind of person writes a blog!” I try to keep from answering, “Oh, you know, a socially maladjusted, merlot self-medicating, don’t-need-a-shrink-but- gosh-let-me-type- until-my-fingers-bleed kind of person!” So, think of this as a blog social, each Monday for the next little while, and I’ll hook you up with some neat people. The only real requirement is that she or he be a parent and be familiar with the Because I Said So! mystique.

I’ve been reading We Are THAT Family for month and months, and the writer, Kristen, is a complete howl. She still has her husband, and they go to rodeos, do home improvement projects, her kids communicate on masking tape, the same kids have CSIed the house, she has fun craft ideas, and has no problem laughing at herself. That’s key to me!

I invited Kristen to write a bit of an introduction to her blog and family, which she has done very succinctly. I’m adding the artwork from her site just below, and after her intro, I’m stealing from her site the genesis of the name of her blog!


I’ve been blogging for less than a year and have fallen hard and fast for the supportive, loving community of mom bloggers. I blog about my life as THAT family . . . you know the ones. My hubby and I live a topsy-turvy life with our three kids. We spend a lot of time in the emergency room and own stock in Band-aids. I have an unnatural love for old things and a deep addiction to sweet tea. I’m currently seeking help. Thank you. I have fun with a weekly blog carnival called “Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You” where I encourage others to share embarrassing photos that won’t make the scrapbook cut. I’m also hosting a fun Sizzlin ‘Summer Vacation Spectacle on Aug. 29th. Visit Kristen and say “hi”!

Here’s the button to the Sizzlin’ Summer Vacation Spectacle: Give it a go by clicking the link above.


And in Kristen’s own words, how her blog got it’s name:

Through the years, I’ve been in different conversations and either said or someone said to me, “You know THAT family?” They don’t even have to say a name usually. My mind automatically pulls up THAT family.

You know the ones.

The family that always has troubles. Something out of the ordinary is always happening and they are usually followed by disaster.

As I sat in the Emergency Room last night with my little boy, it dawned on me: Oh my word, WE are THAT family.

I don’t know how it happened or when, but we became THOSE people that trouble follows. It’s been a crazy month, even for our family. Let’s just put it this way, our family of five has met individual deductibles and it’s still January. I’ve never had a longer month. It’s been hectic, unpredictable and well, you just wouldn’t believe it!

My son created a swing in between the couch and air hockey table in our playroom last night and lost his balance. Three of his top teeth took the brunt of the fall and are now hanging half-hazardly. I’ve never seen so much blood.

At first, I thought it was just his cut lip, but once I saw his teeth, I nearly passed out. Really. I had to put my head between my legs. It wasn’t so much the blood, it was knowing it was my son’s blood that did it.

My husband was gone, but my family lives close and they helped get the other kids to bed and we rushed to the ER. As I applied pressure and quieted my crying son, I had my epiphany.

I used to gossip about THAT family. I’d quickly pass judgement on the mother who didn’t watch her kids closely enough or the kids who were overly active. We are THOSE people now. I don’t know if it was adding another child or a genetic mutation, but I know trouble is now a member of the family.

In preparation for upcoming disaster, I’ve adopted a new theme. I repeat it daily. My kids will jump in mud puddles. They will need stitches. We are THAT family.

Please don’t be alarmed. Don’t send condolences, although small gifts are accepted. We have come to grips with this and we are okay with it. Just remember the next time you talk about THOSE people, we have feelings too.

So there you are, another installment of Meet-a-Blogger Monday. Click over and say hi!

QUESTION FOR YOU: Did you like that picture on Friday? Are you truly acting like there’s only one week of smmer left?

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