The mid-to-late summer crisis

popsicle.jpgIt’s the last three weeks of summer and the panic has set in. Did we do everything we wanted? Did my teens do the extra reading to get ahead on their English class reading lists for the upcoming year? Did Luka read two books a day? Did we work on his math skills? Have we barbecued enough? Visit the places we meant to? Spent time kicking a ball around? The list goes on.

I hate this part of summer. It’s like a mid-life crisis—what have I done? What does it amount to? What can I do, starting now, to make it all good?

The best thing to do is CHILL. Take some deep breaths. Make a little list (I always fall back on this one). Cut yourself some slack. Look and listen and there will be a clue that’ll confirm your summer has been OK, that you haven’t let everything go to seed. Like this:

At the beginning of the summer there was an ad on television with a boy just out of the swimming pool tilting his head and smacking his ear, presumably to get the water out, but words and math equations came falling out. I can’t say how much this bothered Luka, my seven year old. Can you really lose information? Would he have to relearn all those addition and subtraction facts? Worst of all, if this could happen, and I knew about it, would he have to go to school all summer? I have to admit, that commercial did get under my skin.

Last night, as I was eating a late supper at the coffee table and Luka was sitting across from me working hard at his Lego, I asked him a familiar question in our house. “What did you learn today?” It’s usually a question for school days, but I’ve asked it often over the summer, too.

“I was too busy thinking to learn anything, Mum.”

Good answer.

2 Responses

  1. bless his heart.. what a great answer!!

  2. Loved his answer! I’ve heard or read somewhere that every time you learn something new it puts a new wrinkle in your brain … so I will pull this line out from time to time: “I’ve put a new wrinkle in my brain” or when teaching someone something I sometimes tell them ” You’ve put a new wrinkle in your brain”… the goal is to always learn something new each day no matter what your age… maybe you should share something that you’ve learned new for the day with your children when you are asking them what they’ve learned new … bet they’d get a kick out of that.
    And I totally agree … it’s time to Chill!!!

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