Property Damage update

xlg_bell_good_neighbors-1.jpgDon’t you love old advertisements?

I found this image at Modern Mechanix, a fabulous blog where there are fresh posts of vintage magazine articles, illustrations and adverts. Hunt around and you’ll find lots of fun stuff (a Canadian family is introduced to the joys of nudism, circa 1961!, see page 4).

This photo heralds the “WE’RE ALL GOOD!” on the Property Damage front. The parents have talked, formal apologies made, heartfelt apologies made, stupid teenage mistakes recognized, and that has been relayed to Graydon. (Graydon is on a three-week therapeutic camping trip—he hates camping, so believe me, it’s therapy he’s not enjoying—and when he gets home he will be dealing with the realities of landing his first real job and working until the debt is paid.)

Most important is that the kids can hang out again without feeling the tension between the parents. The mum neighbour and I took care of that by talking early on at the edge of the driveway and calling the kids over to explain:

• We’re not happy with what has happened.
• It’s Graydon’s problem to fix now that he has admitted it.
• It has nothing to do with you guys.
• You have our permission, actually we insist, that you get back to friend status and ignore the damage.
• The adults are “on the job” so you get busy and have fun, like before.

Of course it’s always easy to dispense orders—check the name of the blog—Because I Said So!but I’m happy to report the kids are back to checking out bugs in the yard and all those important summer activities. I’m breathing so much easier, and feeling great when I wake up, instead of lying in bed and thinking “I can’t believe this has happened. I wonder if they’ve left yet. I hope they’re not gardening, what will I say if they’re in the yard? I hope they’re sleeping in. I wonder if they have some quotes yet. I could throttle that Graydon…”


See you tomorrow!

2 Responses

  1. Hi Jackie,
    I’m happy to hear that everything is working out.
    : )

  2. I second that! I’m so very happy that everything is working out for you all. And I also wanted to say my hat is off to you! Parenting is a very difficult (yes we all admit it is rewarding) lifetime commitment. And as a single parent you manage / handle/ deal with everything in a much better way than I recall some of our adventures and my melt downs weren’t that pretty ~ even with the passing of time & how I ‘cleaned up’ the memory of my behavior regarding those “adventures”!
    So keep up the great job … keep the lines of communication open with all of your children and as this time fades into distant memories you will have a strong bond with each of your children as they grow into the adults they need to be 🙂

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