The 2008 Summer Olympics at my house

mascot01.jpgIn China’s culture and art, fish and water designs are symbols of prosperity and harvest, so Beibei carries the blessing of prosperity. A fish means surplus in Chinese culture, another measure of a good year and a good life. The lines of the water-wave designs are taken from well-known Chinese paintings. Beibei is known to be gentle and pure. Strong in water sports, she reflects the blue Olympic ring.

It’s 6:45 a.m., I have loads of laundry in the washer and dryer, dishwasher is loaded, bagel is toasted and I’m at the keyboard to blog in time to sit in front of the TV to watch the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics at 7. There are very few things that rival the opening ceremonies to the Olympics—the dancers, acrobats, musicians, singers and the incredible technology, synchronicity and planning. Well, I got up and wrapped myself in blankets to watch Lady Di get married, so I guess I’m a sucker for spectacle.

Now I find the ceremonies actually start at 8, DUH! 8 o’clock on the 8th day of the 8th month of the 8th year in 2000. Wait, does that mean I am at the centre of the universe as I type? Shouldn’t I be racing to my local lotto counter to stock up on lucky lottery tickets at 8 instead of waiting for the TV?

No, not even the luckiest time in the next 6,000 years will get me buying lottery tickets.

Before I settle to watch the ceremonies and show up late for work (I’ll be doing a number of hours on the weekend, so I think I’ll be OK), I’ll describe some of the 2008 Olympics in Our House:

The I-Can-Stay-Up-Later-Than-You Event: Luka and Tessa tied for this last week, at 3:45 a.m. They had a collective insomnia, fed by snacks and drinks and cartoons and long afternoon naps the day before. I was unconscious, so really, I have to trust them on the actual time.
Lego Building Marathon, Doubles: 18 hours, Luka and his cousin Kevan.
Playdate: 12 hours, Luka and his best friend, Ehren.
Glasses, Bowls and Utensils in a Room Other Than the Kitchen: 33, in the TV room. Record maintained by Tessa and Luka, Graydon not participating this time.

At a later date in my Olympic coverage (no Coronation Street for 3 WEEKS!! WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!!!) I will update on my own personal Olympic events, including number of messages deleted from voicemail in a single sitting, number of traffic lights required for makeup application, number of burnt-out lightbulbs in domicile.

QUESTION FOR YOU (AND THIS INCLUDES YOU TOO, MOTHER, SINCE YOU ASKED FOR A SPECIFIC QUESTION YOU COULD LEAVE A REPLY FOR): who, in your house, is the winner of the I-Can-Stay-Up-Later-Than-You Event? Among the kids? Among the grown-ups?

Have a fabulous summery weekend, and I’ll talk to you on Monday with updates on The Damage at the Neighbours’ among other things!


3 Responses

  1. The Longest-Amount-Of-Time-Cleaning-A-Bedroom….that award goes to me

  2. As an olympian nighthawk I take the adult gold for staying up late. However, my 18 year old son is now a very close contender. He does practice more and let’s face it, he has youth on his side.

  3. Hi again… I’m the winner if you count how many months (years) procrastination regarding cleaning the house ~Gold medal already covered in dust winner! As for staying up late that award has changed so many times over the yrs but now that it is just my hubby & me in the house I’d have to say we split the title on any given day as to who stays up the latest (if there is something he really wants to watch he can manage to stay awake)

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