Teen Takes Responsibility: Part 2; plus some free-for-all silliness


You’re in for a long post today! Here’s a mini Table of Contents:

1. Long Weekend is Here!
2. Teen Takes Responsibility Part 2
3. A Reader Writes
4. Weekend To-Do List
5. Book Review: Retro Food Fiascos and Pretzel Soup
6. Daughter Brag

1. Long Weekend is Here!
The Friday of a long weekend—waaahooooooo! My day started off early with two loads of laundry, making lunches, arranging activities for Luka (summer reading, yay!), ironing a shirt for work (that’s a weird one) while watching Rachael Ray and listening to her say that very annoying EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) over and over again. Well, I have a recipe for you today that I don’t think Rachael has tried yet!

2. Teen Takes Responsibility Part 2
My neighbour came over and we talked about The Damage. Click here for a refresher is you don’t know the scoop. In the four days since, Graydon has apologized again, talked more about it with the neighbours, and started brainstorming with his counsellors on what kind of job he could get and how often he could do it. It looks like two evenings a week and a half day on the weekend, starting in September, to be revisited as school requirements become clearer. The pay will be deposited directly in a bank account of mine. There will be discussion if Graydon can divert some of his earnings to his own account, and how much, but that’ll be determined after a couple of paycheques are gone. Parenting: when does it get easier?!?

So, we have the total, and I’m glad. The known is always better than the unknown. At the current student minimum wage, Graydon will have to work for 190 hours to make the total he owes, but since he’ll lose money to taxes, it’ll be more like 220 hours or so. That will likely make him think long and hard about “goofing” on other people’s stuff.

The neighbours will not be waiting for the biweekly wages. I am paying them half now, half when the work is finished. It’s not fair on them to ask for a pay-back schedule—the inconvenience is entirely theirs, and it shouldn’t be any more than it has been already. So, tonight, $$$, a bottle of wine and anything else I can think of to say sorry.

3. A Reader Writes
I want to thank all the readers for their responses to my call for help on the Property Damage situation, both as reply posts and e-mails to the jacquelyn.momblog@yahoo.ca address. Excellent suggestions, all of them. I thought I’d post one here because it was out of the ordinary, and deserves a response.

Give me a break! If “they were good neighbours”? Why is there an assumption that they would be “bad neighbours” if they did not allow Graydon to work off his debt? These good neighbours were kind enough to allow Jacquelyn’s children use of their property with the assumption that there would be adult supervision. Perhaps Mum should take some responsibility for this fiasco herself.

Oh, Mother McCree, have I taken responsibilty for the fiasco. I talked to Graydon, got him to the neighbours, talked to him again and again, we hashed it out in family therapy, I’m paying the money upfront (thanks to a check that arrived in the mail just today for work that I did in February!), and I’ll be nagging/cheering him on until the whole thing is paid off.

And just to clear one small point up, the boys were on the property while I was in a day-long brainstorming session for work. I didn’t give them a key and say “go to” while I was miles away. They climbed a fence. They knew they were in the wrong. And I take responsibility for them making themselves at home when they shouldn’t have. But at 15, Graydon has to take responsibility too, hence the job.

4. Weekend To-Do List
Barbeque tonight for the first time this summer.
Pick the first beans of the summer.
Get raspberry canes ready for the second crop in September.
File (or recycle) every last piece of stray paper in the house in anticipation of preparing the 2006 and 2007 personal income taxes. (The GST has been filed already. Yay!)
Read 10 books (that’s Luka, not me).
Go through digi photos and edit down the number to have printed at Wal-Mart. This is Tessa’s job. Her last culling produced some 900 photos. That’s a lot of babysitting. I’m thinking maybe 250?
Make an anklet.
Watch a movie, any movie, I truly don’t care which.
Eat outdoors twice.
Go for a long walk.

retro-food-fiascos-a_6802b920-funny-orange.jpg5. Book Review: Retro Food Fiascos and Pretzel Soup
Kathy Casey’s book Retro Food Fiascos: A Collection of Curious Concoctions is a howl, with retro photos and illustrations of food, people and the fabulous fifties. Some of the recipes are Bologna Lilies, Jellied Moose Nose, Crown Roast of Frankfurters (cabbage in the middle), Banana Meat Loaf, Lemon Olive Mold, and the one I’ll share here:

Famous Pennsylvania Pretzel Soup
2 (or more) pretzels
boiling water
1/2 tsp butter
1 cup hot milk
salt and pepper to taste

Break pretzels into a small, deep dish. Add boiling water to cover contents and steep, covered, for about a minute. Pour off water. Add butter and hot milk. Season and serve. Serves 1.

A friend of mine, her husband and two kids have gone to their cottage for two weeks, and I sent her with a copy of this book. My kids adore picking through cookbooks, and this one has lots of giggles, and some stuff to make. I’ll let you know how the pretzel soup turns out!

6. Daughter Brag

I’m going to save this one for Monday. Suffice it to say for now that if you have a September Canadian Living (beautiful green cover with a mixed greens salad of grilled peppers and paper-thin slices of beef), flip to page 82 and you can read about my daughter, Tessa’s, taming of her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I’ll wax on about her and OCD a bit on Monday.

QUESTION FOR TODAY: Isn’t parenting the toughest job in the world? A one word answer is fine!

Have a fabulous weekend! See you Monday!


7 Responses

    (but we love our kids so much for who they are, no matter what they do.. true?)

  2. ps- last night my 26 year old daughter called to ask me if it’s ok to cook corn on the cob for 10 minutes instead of 20… not sure why, she’s a great cook!!! Just needed a mommy minute I guess, bless her heart.

  3. OK Jackie! I only have a dog and some days I am ready to throw in the towel, if it was not for my better half taking the 22 month old 120lb puppy for a walk I am sure I would have a break down when the couch is disheveld and…. Well you know the stories! You wrote about his life saving heroics earlier! {Please don’t read this as I don’t love Brody emensly! Or that I would really throw in the towel because after 17 months I am sure my life would never be the same if he was not in it, matress eating and all!} But parenting this very stubborn, very LARGE boy, is nothing compared to what you human parents go through. So YES I have to say… Parenting is the toughest job in the world! Even considering my paying job! LOL!!!!

  4. jennifer gunyon… Your PS made me laugh! I am 35 soon to be 36 and I had to call my Grandmother to ask if I had to put water in the pot with the broccoli when I was cooking it! Truly I had never cooked broccoli! My Mommy always cooked and now my better half does it all! I really did need a Mommy moment! So there you go Jacks! It is not on the toughest job but well it NEVER ENDS EITHER! LOL! Somthing to look forward to! Hee hee!

  5. OM GODDDDD!!!! I cannot stand Rachel Ray and her EVOO! I sould love to EVOO her!

  6. I will never, ever, ever swallow one spoon of pretzel soup. Maybe the Pennsylvania people like it but I certainly do not!

  7. YES…YES…A million times over yes! And the worst part is when you’re having a bad day, month, year…you can’t just put in your two weeks notice and walk away. Well, I guess you can but it’s just not that easy!

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