10 rants from this mum, plus a heartfelt thank you

Taberon Kaiju, Tokidoki Version, is Italian designer Simone Legno’s contribution to the Kaiju For Grown Ups project. Graydon is fascinated by these. I thought this one looked like a good rant visual. See more of him and others here.

The title of today’s post will be tackled in reverse order: my heartfelt thanks to those readers and friends who took the discreet way to respond to yesterday’s questions by using my jacquelyn.momblog@yahoo.ca email. Property damage is a serious thing, even when it wasn’t intentional. Thank you very much for your ideas and support. I’ll keep you posted how things work out.

It’s a rantin’ kind of day here, so I’m providing 10 rants. If I could start a meme (the blogosphere’s version of tag), I would. So I’ll do the next best thing—if you read my list, consider yourself tagged. That means you should leave at least one rant as a response.

My 10 Rants
1) All week, every week, I sort my garbage and make my kids sort it too: recyclables in a blue bucket, organic waste in a green one, real junk garbage in a black one. We keep batteries in another bag to take to a battery drop-off, old lightbulbs in another. Yard waste in a grey bin or paper bags I have to pay for*. This morning, I happened to be outside for garbage collection and I watched the man from The City toss my junk trash—plastic, styrofoam meat trays, a broken mug, among other stuff—in the same compartment as my hallowed organic waste!! and he pushed the button and they all got mashed together!!! What the @#%@#%????? That’s a call to City Hall.
2) *that’s a rant all on its own—I cannot believe I have to pay for paper bags to throw out. Just don’t get it.
3) Toys at Winners stores—there should be one place chicks can really shop where their kids can’t find something to buy for themselves.
4) Advertising claims—I found a “Special limited edition” logo on my six-pack of paper towels, and I actually thought, “wow, what makes it special?” DUH!!!
5) Teen magazines that do exposés on eating disorders in the modelling world while they carry 32 pages of fashion featuring unnaturally thin girls.opg_2013_26734397.gif
6) Cartoons that have their merchandise lines out before the shows hit the air. I had a poseable Gumby and Pokey. Luka has hundreds and hundreds of Pokemon cards, Pokemon stuffies, plastic figures, hoodies, pants, pillowcases (many of them inherited, but there has to be a limit).
7) Boys who can’t seem to put the seat and the cover down in the bathroom.
8) Cheese strings that are not stringable.
9) Technicians that pierce the ears of 15-year-old boys when that is illegal.
10) And finally, a 15-year-old son who refuses to tell his mother where he got that ear pierced so I can drop by and remind them the age is 16.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: So, there are my rants. Now consider yourself tagged and leave a rant of your own, any topic is fine. What bugs you a little every day, or a lot once in a while? Get your fingers to the keys!


6 Responses

  1. Rant #1
    People that leave their cars running. Turn it off!!!

    Rant #2
    Getting home and opening the package of baby back ribs I so carefully chose to get the leanest meat I could find, only to discover huge hunks of fat sneakily tucked underneath.

    Rant #3
    Telemarketers. ALL of them.

  2. #1 Going into a store with a brother and him complaining for the ENTIRE freakin’ time. And I mean OLDER brothers as well as younger ones.

    #2 When a box of something says “Easy Open” and it feels like it should say “Easy Open for Wrestlers”

    #3 Finding the perfect item of clothing but it doesn’t come in your size.

    #4 Picking up a ringing phone and saying “hello?…helloooo? HELLO?!” to no one because they hung up, but then a couple seconds later, they call back and don’t admit it was them.

    #5 bad face days.

    #6 bad hair days.

    #7 When you get into the shower after a long day and realize several minutes later that you forgot to take off your socks.

    At the moment these are the ones that are most relevant to today, but there are more, I assure you.
    — E

  3. OH.
    AND that fact that summer is 1/2 way done.

  4. Rant # 1 — STUPID PEOPLE! I will not say any more!

    Rant # 2 — The people that jump and act terrified when they spot me walking my dog! Even though he’s on a leash and muzzled! Like he can chew through the damn muzzle, and like he really wants to bite your stinky a$$ anyway!

    Rant # 3 — People who take their very young children to Tim Horton’s and hold up the line by letting the two year old choose among grape, orange or apple! Come on people, two year olds don’t know, get the apple and get out of my way! I am at Timmy’s because I NEED coffee!

    Rant # 4 — BIKE RIDERS! There are rules on the road! Because I am in a very large steel car I have to abide by them or my privilege to drive will be taken away, however I have to dodge the idiots on their bikes who seem to feel they can do and ride as they like!

    Rant # 5 — The environment! I DON’T CARE! I DON’T WANT TO BE GREEN!

    Rant # 6 — Having to mow the damn boulevard when I don’t own it!

    Rant # 7 — Spending more time on the stuff I throw out than the stuff I keep! I don’t want to sort the blue from the grey from the green from the garbage bag!

    Rant # 8 — Having religious people approach me while I am standing in my driveway to tell me that I can be saved! MAYBE just MAYBE I don’t want to be!!!! I don’t try to convince them of my beliefs I don’t wish to be convinced of theirs!

    Rant # 9 — Having to pay $12/day to park at work!

    Rant # 10 — The fact that I have not won the lottery yet! Come on already!!!!!!

    Now do I get my Christmas cookies?

  5. Thank you! I had hoped readers might like a rant or two!

    I’m with Ho Ho Ho on the idling cars and wads of fat stuffed under ribs, and chicken breasts, and roasts too sometimes.

    And Erika, those people call us all the time, bad hair/face/wardrobe days ditto, and for me, it’s not the socks. It’s the glasses and the watch. I have actually looked at the watch getting pelted in the shower as water runs down the inside of my glasses, thinking, “Hey, this watch isn’t waterproof. And how come I can’t see through these glasses?!?

    Thanks for ranting!

  6. OMG, LAGGY, you are one funny ranter!!

    1) Take your dog to Tim’s and no kids will doddle
    2) Get the religious folks to mow the boulevard while you nip in to get your copy of the Torah, Bible, whatever. Bring the dog with you when you return.
    3) In the summer, with my windows down, I sometimes give in to the urge to remind bike riders of the rules of the road. If you have your dog in the car, you might try that. It could work.
    4) I have to agree on the separating garbage rant. I was so peeved when I saw that. I left a message at City Hall.
    5) Ditto for paying for parking and no lotto action.


    Yes you can have your Christmas cookies! Just mail me at jacquelyn.momblog@yahoo.ca and give me your address!

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