Guest blogger: Formula One, snail style

dsc05956.jpgIn yesterday’s post I reported whined about my raspberries and the incredible amount of rain we’ve been receiving. For parents taking care of kids in the summer, a rainy forecast is OK once in a while because it gives you a chance to work together in close quarters on projects, arts and crafts, reading, Wii challenges. But day after day after day of rain can make even the most ambitious parent paralytic. So I posed the idea of a snail race to my kids, bolstered by a breakfast show that made a video blog of how to hold one. Tessa and Luka had their own race, on THE KITCHEN FLOOR (it was raining too hard to hold it on a table or patio stone outside). I will say no more, except to mention that thanks to a comment yesterday, my snail problem may have a garlicky lining after all.

GUEST BLOGGER TESSA, take it away!


The Snail Race!

Formula One, Snail Style, started with me and my 7-year-old brother picking two perfect snails from our raspberry bush. We found two that we figured were either dad and baby or mum and baby and decided they would be PERFECT. Their names? The big guy is Simba (because he was huge and sluggish) and the small one was Jimmy because my brother thought it was just a great name.


When the race started it looked like we had our winner chosen out already, and surprisingly it was Jimmy! He took off for the outer circle of our target, the finish line, like crazy.


Simba, our parent snail, was much too cautious and very hesitant to leave the safety of the centre target.


When Jimmy caught onto this worry of his parent he turned right around and went back to the middle. This race, we figured, was never going to end.

We thought maybe the snails needed a spritz of water but they just hid in their shells after that (they must have a phobia of puddle drowning on kitchen floors).


Maybe some food was our next idea, so out came some lettuce to give them some energy. Sadly, this backfired. Simba downed that lettuce like it was the tastiest thing he had ever seen in his short, snail life.


Jimmy fell asleep.

In the end we called it a tie between the sleeping snail and the hungry snail, deciding to cut the poor things a break and return them back to their beloved raspberry bush in our backyard. They may not have been the speediest creatures but they were surely two of the cutest (and slimiest).

Tessa (the big sister), Luka (the little brother), Simba (the big guy), and Jimmy (the cutest snail alive)


NO QUESTION FOR YOU TODAY!! Have a great weekend, this third weekend of July, and make the summer count! I’ll talk to you on Monday.

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