A snail’s race at a snail’s pace…

images-11.jpgI was out in the garden this morning, early, to pick another cup or two of raspberries. We’ve had a huge output this season, thanks to all the rain. Tessa said the berries weren’t looking good yesterday, and there was too much rain to pick any. I figured they were getting overripe. So I went out with a big container to find that 90 per cent of the raspberries are bad—they are small, and have a black blight-type thing on all of them. I almost cried. I picked maybe half a cup, and even the good ones look sad.

Now I don’t know whether to pick them and toss them, or just cut them off and wait for the fall crop. In 16 years we have never sprayed them or used pesticides, fungicides or anything. Could it be too much rain? I’ll have to go roaming tonight to look for info from a better any gardener, since I am just learning a hack.

th_dsc03497.jpgWe do have a phenomenal crop of something else: snails. They are everywhere. The rainfall around here has been insane, and the snails are loving it. Snails are a favourite subject of my staff photographer Tessa, but I’ll spare you the exhibit now, in favour of a totally fun activity for this afternoon: snail racing.

The breakfast news show I watch (or truthfully, have on at full blast while I tear around the house in the morning) had their First Annual BT Snail Race today, and it was pretty funny. Kevin, the host, has posted the rules so viewers can stage their own races this afternoon, take photos or video, send them in, and vie for prizes! Have at it! Tessa and Luka are planning their race this afternoon.

Have your own!

This link to CityTV will give you the rules and insider info on snail racing, plus replays of this morning’s race. My guys are stoked!

HERE ARE YOUR QUESTIONS FOR TODAY (so you can post a reply, or comment on something else): do you prefer to race your snails or eat them? Can you really eat garden snails out of the garden, or do they have to be canned? What do you do when you discover snails in your garden?

See you tomorrow, and maybe with our own snail race footage!


2 Responses

  1. Haha, I didn’t even get to your questions before I went a’googling and found this! http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/2003/05/05/urbananimal.DTL

  2. answers to questions:
    #1.. eat them
    #2.. yes, from the garden, I eat them
    #3.. if I find them I eat them!!!

    Seriously, I’m in northern BC and we don’t have snails where I live, we have SLUGS…(ewww), the unfavorite cousin to the lovely snail. I don’t eat slugs (but I really do love snails).

    When my son Dylan was about 7 or 8 months old and out in the garden with me he found a slug and thought it would be fun to chew on (at that age everything is fun to chew on!!) but it wasn’t so fun trying to get slug slime off everything, including our skin. It was excruciatingly slimy. Dylan is now 23 and has outgrown eating slugs in favor of snails.
    Good luck to all snail racers!!!

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