Thanks mum (that’s my mum, not me)

I have to whip in here with a quick reprise of Part 2 from Wednesday. If you saw it, click for Friday’s post. If you didn’t see it (or skipped were called away by an emergency), I’m letting you in on how my mum keeps on helping, the Cyber Age be damned.

My mum, who has been computer and email and Internet-surfing savvy for years and years, wrote me about my blog and said:

1) “I can’t leave a reply if you don’t ask a question.”

2) “I hope you can edit any replies before they go up for the world to see.”


1) Yes, I see if I don’t ask a question, and just wait for people to comment, many will cruise on by. So, I’ll be asking a question at the end of lots more of my postings. Any comment is welcome, loved and appreciated. Then I know at least one person read it!

2) I am my own moderator, which means yes, I can edit or clean up or calm down any reply/comment. I can change or delete your name if you ask me. Or, you can always email me at, which no one in the world or the magazine or the website has access to, except me!

HERE IS THE QUESTION OF THE DAY: do your parents email you? Do you email your kids? Text your kids? Text your parents? If your kiddies are too small to have their own email, will you email them?

See you tomorrow!

(Who’s kidding who? I’ll see you later today, if you’re kind enough to cruise by a little later on . . . We’re planning a special family therapy weekend you might be interested in . . .)


One Response

  1. My mom emails me all the time. Texting, not so much. Actually I’m not that big into texting either, I only use it to send overseas family members the odd note.

    On another techie/mom note, I am considering setting up an email address for my child when she/he is born. Is that weird?

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