Mom-To-Be Tuesday: Helen is in the house!

I thought I’d forgotten to lock my web editor, Helen, into posting today, so I’ve gone and blathered on about baby stuff. Actually, Helen is working on her guest blog right now, and I am guest-blogging on guest-blog day on my own blog. That is four “blog” words in one sentence, punishable by flogging. Helen will be posting this morning, so consider this a bridge blog.

The subject is still Mom-To-Be!

All current and recently pregnant women curse Jennifer Lopez this week—four short months ago she had twins, now she is in a bikini. I personally think she’s been slacking, and anyone with the trainers/chefs/assistants and nannies she has should have been in that bikini months ago.

Nicole Kidman had a girl Monday, named her Sunday. I heard this on the radio, so maybe the baby’s name is Sundae. Gwyneth’s girl is named Apple. I briefly wanted to name my daughter Smoked Salmon, but smartened right up because the nickname Smoky sounded like a come-on. What are people thinking?!? (You must go to Baby’s Named a Bad, Bad Thing for a major laugh on baby names. All of the blogger’s material comes from real life.)

Matthew McConaughey’s girlfriend had a boy yesterday—no name yet. My ex and I had a few disagreements about boy’s names, and so we had Baby Vintar #1 for a month, and Baby Vintar #2 for almost six weeks until we could officially agree. Naming baby is tough. I went with the “have a few names and then see which one really fits when you get home” and found that Beautiful, Sweetiepie and Boo Boo would never cut it on the schoolyard.

Tessa, on the other hand, was named years before she was conceived—I used Tessa Rae as a frequent pseudonym when I wrote at Toronto Life magazine. She was born into that name and has done it proud.

Gotta go! Helen will be here soon…


3 Responses

  1. My eldest son Dylan, now 23 was “Baby” for a month while his dad (Richard) had to get used to the name Dylan, which I had chosen when I was 3 months pregnant!! He said it clashed with the last name (Dowker) which it doesn’t!!! When it was time to send in the paperwork I said that since he hadn’t come up with a better name, Dylan it was going to be. He, like Tessa, has done the name proud. I’m going to check out your link for bad baby names because I’m always up for a good laugh.

  2. I am pregnant right now and my hubby and I are “debating” on names – we know it is a boy – but we have a very short last name so want to give him a longer name – and not one that can be shortened too much.

    That being said – my daughter was born 16 months ago – in Calgary – we were not allowed to leave the hospital until we had filled out the forms and named her….

  3. HI Jennifer and Jenny (obviously your mums had great taste and wisdom in the naming of you!),

    I had Graydon’s name in my head for several years before I became pregnant. I also loved Miles, but Dad said no way no how, it sounded too British. And Graydon sounds like what?

    Jenny, I think we had to sign the papers too—I registered Graydon’s first name as “Baby” but when it came to Luka, Dad went to sign the papers and he used his name (but never wanted a Jr.). The passport is in his real name.

    Here’s a subject for another day—when do you let a child add a name (like the mum’s maiden name) to their official name? 16? 19? 13?

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