Luka volunteers for an MRI!


I’ve made a HUGE list of stuff for Tessa and Luka to do this summer, in keeping with my “Because I Said So!” urgency and bossiness. See yesterday’s post for the 10-point list.

Today’s post breaks ground for this blog, because it is the first video posting.

The video is a slideshow of Luka venturing into the world of volunteering—he wanted to sign up for a study at Sick Kid’s hospital looking at attention deficit disorder. He was eligible because he doesn’t have ADD, and they were looking for healthy control subjects. It definitely helped that his friend at school had done an MRI study at least four times, and that his mum is a scientist involved in the studies. Plus, the promise of a picture of his own brain scan had him hooked on the idea.

The experience hit on two major goals for this summer: build Luka’s self-esteem and learn and experience volunteering. As you’ll see in the slideshow, after he went into the MRI room, it was just Luka and a science guy. Luka listened to the instructions and followed them. He stayed still for the full 20 minutes required in the MRI, and even though he had a button in his hand to press if he felt scared or “not right,” he stuck it out. In the MEG part of the study, he had to remain motionless while watching a screen and move only his index finger whenever the little x went bright green. This was five minutes with the right hand, five minutes with the left. I was allowed in the room, minus anything metal I was wearing, for this task because it is very easy for kids age seven to lose focus. But he didn’t.

He did really well, and we praised him, not just me and Tessa (sure, your mum and sister always tell you you’re great), but the scientists administering the tests, too. Self-esteem boost! And getting to pick between a movie pass and a Webkinz was a total bonus—you’ll see the grinning Luka at the end. Then to have your sister make a slideshow of the whole thing? Self-esteem boost! Share the love!

Here’s the link — click, and either the video will begin automatically, or wait until you see the triangle PLAY button. Depending on whether you computer is fast or slow, you might want to wait 30 seconds or so before clicking PLAY. The music is Luka’s choice. The artistry is Tessa’s.

Have a fabulous weekend. See you Monday, and Tuesday guest mom-to-be blogger Helen will be back!


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  1. That’s very cool.

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